Fast achieved sales revenue of 6.654 billion yuan in the first half of the year

In the continuous adjustment of the market, Fast Group’s production and operations in the first half of 2011 achieved a successful conclusion and all business indicators reached the expected target. According to statistics, during the first half of 2011, the Fast Group achieved a total sales income of 6.654 billion yuan, completed a total industrial output value of 6.52 billion yuan, produced and sold more than 42.14 million sets of automobile transmissions and more than 441,100 units, and earned foreign exchange of 16.4456 million US dollars. The year-on-year increase of 130.41%.

In the first half of 2011, Facing the continuous adjustment of the market, all staff of Fast had been able to overcome difficulties and seize opportunities, achieved a steady development of production and operations, and fully fulfilled various predetermined goals. Among them, new products have played an important supporting role in promoting the stable development of the company. In June, the 20-speed (2500Nom) transmission series new products independently developed by Fast have been successfully trial-produced, once again occupying the market commanding heights. At this point, Fast's transmission product model has been further improved, the market coverage has been further expanded, and the development of the heavy-duty vehicle transmission has been realized in the entire field. This has won the first chance for companies to consolidate the dominant market position and lead the market demand. The speed and strength of development of Fast have attracted the attention of people from all walks of life. In the 2010 China Auto Industry Top 30 list published by China Federation of Machinery Industry and China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, Fast has annual sales revenue of RMB 12.6 billion. Its operating performance ranks 20th among the top 30 in the Chinese auto industry, ranking 6th more than 2009.

Good brand image and product quality performance laid a solid foundation for the deep cooperation between Fast and major OEMs. In the second half of the year, Fast will make full use of the favorable timing of market adjustment to accelerate the promotion and development work and after-sales service for new products and new markets, laying a good foundation for the new round of development of the company.

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