Three-way valve features

Three-way valve has three ports connected with the pipeline, the equivalent of two single-seat valve synthesis. According to the mode of action is divided into two kinds of confluence valve and diverter valve, which has the following characteristics: (1) three-way valve work, one thoroughbred at the pass, the other open fully open position, close the same force and single seat valve. (2) The tee is a single, two-seater valve modified from, and the use of spool-oriented, change the gas open air closed, you must replace the implementing agencies. (3) Due to the small diameter unbalance force is small, when Dg≤80, the confluence valve can be used for shunt occasions. (4) Three-way valve spool and sleeve valve sleeve, the throttle area has a large open window and play a small hole (jet type), the latter (a) X-type structure (b) Q Structure to reduce noise, reduce the resonance function.

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