How to distinguish between single screw pump, twin screw pump and three screw pump

How to distinguish single screw pump, twin screw pump and three screw pump:

As the name suggests, a single screw pump is only a screw in the pump. Follow the habits of China's screw industry, naming, single-screw pump called the rotor screw, screw bushings called the stator. The special power driven by the external power source engages with the stator to form a sealed chamber that separates the suction chamber from the discharge chamber so that the pump can work effectively.

At present, all kinds of single-screw pumps produced in various countries in the world engage the meshing pair formed by the rotor and the stator. Most of the products are also engaged by the single-head screwed rotor and the double-headed internal-screwed stator. In the recent ten years, some foreign manufacturers developed double-headed screw rotor and three internal-meshing helical stator meshing single-screw pump progressed rapidly, and some individual manufacturers have been the main exhibition to mass production and sales. A small number of manufacturing plants in China are also under development and are still in the development stage.

Twin screw pump is a synchronous gear drive, connected to the two sets of spirals, no contact between the spiral, no mechanical friction, long service life.

Three-screw pump is a screw-type displacement pump. In the triple-screw pump, due to the main screw and the driven screw on the spiral groove intermeshing and their three holes with the inner surface of the bushing to pump inlet and outlet to form a number of dynamic seal chamber, the dynamic seal Room will continue to move the liquid from the pump inlet to the pump outlet and step up the delivered liquid. Thus forming a continuous, smooth, axially moving pressure fluid. The liquid delivered by the three-screw pump is a lubricating liquid containing no solid particles, non-corrosive oil and the like oil and has a viscosity of 1.2-100 oE (3.0-760 cst). The high-viscosity liquid can also be transported by viscosity-reducing after heating. Not more than 150 ℃.

Single screw pump is a rubber sleeve stator and rotor meshing, the use of transmission media lubrication, rubber sleeve caused by friction easily damaged, the general life expectancy of about six months, the transport of pure lubricative medium is more suitable, if impurities will greatly reduce the service life.

However, its disadvantages are also obvious: the machining accuracy is higher, which increases the machining difficulty. In particular, the machining accuracy is not enough to affect the uniformity of the rotor and the stator, so that the above advantages no longer exist. Moreover, the machining time and the production cost Higher, this is why the current production less.

Of course, it is also possible to manufacture a single-screw pump having a larger number of rotors and more stator spirals, such as a three-helix rotor and a two-headed helical stator. However, the manufacturing accuracy is higher and the flow rate is not always Increasing the number of spiral increases, it has no practical significance. Although this more helical head rotor and stator meshing pair has not been used in single-screw pumps, it has found wide application in the field of oil-mechanical screwdrivers.

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