Research and development of intelligent agricultural machinery and equipment

[China Agricultural Machinery Industry News] The implementation of the national key R & D project plan intelligent agricultural machinery and equipment project and the hilly mountain modern agricultural machinery industry technology innovation strategic alliance seminar was held in Chengdu, Sichuan. The meeting launched the key project “Key Technology Research and Machine Development of Hilly Mountain Tractor” in the “Key Agricultural Equipment” of the State Key Research and Development Program of the Ministry of Science and Technology in 2016, and held the establishment of the Strategic Alliance for Modern Agricultural Industry Technology Innovation in the Hilly Mountains of Sichuan Province. seminar. Luo Xiwen, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and Li Anning, deputy director of the Agricultural Mechanization Technology Development and Promotion Station of the Ministry of Agriculture, attended the meeting.
Research and development of intelligent agricultural machinery and equipment

Luo Xiwen pointed out that at present, the low level of agricultural mechanization development in China's hilly and mountainous areas is a weak link in the whole process and comprehensive development of mechanization. Therefore, it is necessary to continuously strengthen the top-level design, and “political, economic, research and development” collaborative innovation, and continuously improve the independent innovation capability of agricultural machinery enterprises. He also said that the process of agricultural mechanization in the hilly mountains is accelerating, and the agricultural machinery and equipment suitable for hilly mountains will become a hot spot in the future agricultural machinery market.
Participants believed that the agricultural machinery industry in the hilly and mountainous areas is highly inclusive and can allow large, medium and small enterprises to coexist, and all kinds of enterprises can find their own positioning - large enterprises do products with large market demand and technical difficulties; At the same time, the products of small markets can actively undertake the sales service of localized agricultural machinery products and become an indispensable organic link in the industry.
It is understood that the area of ​​cultivated land in hilly and mountainous areas of China accounts for 63.2% of the total cultivated land in the country. These areas have small, irregular and sloping fields, which makes the development of agricultural machinery frequently say “no”. In order to solve these problems, the Ministry of Science and Technology launched the key project of the national key R&D plan “Intelligent Agricultural Equipment”. Sichuan Chuanlong Tractor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and Jilin University, the Ministry of Agriculture Nanjing Institute of Agricultural Mechanization, Changchai Co., Ltd. and other 13 units successfully declared The project of “Key Technology Research and Machine Development of Hilly Mountain Tractor” focuses on solving the problem of low transmission efficiency and low power of tractors in hilly and mountainous terrain, poor adaptability of operation on large slopes, low level of intelligence, and inability to meet the diverse needs of unit operations. technical problem. The project will form the core technology of the hilly mountain tractor through the research on the key technologies and major scientific problems of the hilly mountain tractors, and finally apply to the hilly mountain tractor products. The results of the project will fill the blank of tractors in the intelligent hilly mountains of China.
It is reported that the previously established "strategic alliance" is under the guidance of the Science and Technology Department of Sichuan Province, and is based on the common development needs of agricultural machinery industry-related enterprises, universities and scientific research institutions, and is based on the major industrial technology innovation. The technical innovation organization of cooperation in the agricultural machinery industry is composed of 9 research institutes, 5 universities, 22 enterprises and 4 cooperatives with a total of 40 units. Sichuan Chuanlong Tractor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is the chairman of the alliance. The "strategic alliance" will focus on integrating the advantageous resources and technologies of the agricultural equipment industry. Based on production, science and technology will be used as a means to carry out the whole process of the agricultural equipment industry chain with scientific and technological concepts, and finally form a high scientific and technological content, fast operation efficiency, and production. And the low-cost technical system guarantees the sustainable, stable and healthy development of the agricultural equipment industry in the hilly mountains.

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