What is the function of car radio?

What is the function of car radio?

Introduction: The car radio is a tool installed in the car for communication. Car intercom with call selection function, as long as the other party's ID number, you can speak alone to two people. The transmission power of the vehicle walkie-talkie is above 25W, the call has no radiation, and it will not harm the human body.

The main components of the car intercom include: enclosures, mainframes, batteries, belt clips, antennas, headphones, and other ancillary products. Car radio is generally used in public security walkie-talkies mainly used in public security, civil aviation, transportation, water conservancy, railway, manufacturing, construction, service and other industries. It is used for liaison and command scheduling among group members to improve communication efficiency and improve handling of emergencies. Rapid response capability.

Features include: 3D navigation / support for reversing images, support for driving recorder display, support for 360 panorama, navigation original car speaker sound, USB map upgrades, etc., the main features include wire harness plug, non-destructive installation; WindowsCE6.0 operating system; original car UI style, retain the original car audio system; high-speed CAN input perfectly matches the original car bus system; the steering wheel hangs up the key switch; the panel Home key switch and so on. Shenzhen Hongye Zhongcheng Technology Co., Ltd. Hongye Zhongcheng was formally registered in Shenzhen, China in November 2015. It focuses on the integration and upgrade of the original car screen functions and integrates design, development, production and sales. Main products are car navigation, DVD machine, original car screen upgrade navigation, navigation upgrade module, car navigation, driving recorder and so on.

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