Three factors supporting the pure water mass flowmeter sensor

The sensor of pure water mass flowmeter must have firm and stable support, including support point, support arm and base.
1. The support point support point should be selected just outside the external flange connected with the sensor flange. The closer to the external flange, the better. Even if the support point is as close to the sensor as possible, it makes the installation and maintenance of the sensor more convenient. At the point of support, the piping shall be tightly clamped on the support arm by the pipe clamp so that it cannot be displaced up and down. When the external vibration is intense, the double support method should be used. That is, two separate supports are used on each side of the outer pipe outside the two outer flanges that connect the sensor. The distance between the two support points should be greater than the distance between the sensors' own flanges.
2, support arm support arm should be as thick as possible, as short as possible. External pipelines cannot be used as support arms. Sometimes the sensor is installed in a higher position and the support arm is longer. The vibration of the sensor and the noise of the fluid will cause the support arm to swing. This support arm will not work. A solid platform can be used to hold the support arm securely on it. Or pour cement piers under the support arm to shorten the support arm length.
3. The pedestal base is essential for stable support. Do not stand on loose slabs, stairs or other pipes. When the sensor is higher than the ground and closer to the solid cement wall, the sensor can be mounted on the triangle fixed on the wall with a solid wall as the base. When the pedestal is selected on a high and not very solid platform, people will make the zero point jump when they move above it. Therefore, when using a higher platform as the mounting base, the platform should be properly reinforced first. A very thick layer of cement can often be used to wrap most of the support legs of the platform.

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