Auto parts industry is more fake and faces more difficulties

Consumers who cannot identify the authenticity of the purchase will result in unreliable quality and frequent problems. This will cause consumers to discount the good quality of the products of the regular manufacturers. This will cause great damage to the reputation of the manufacturers. reduce. Affected by counterfeiting, China FAW's auto parts sales have dropped to 20%.

The most serious and direct consequence of the fake and defective automobile accessories is the endless traffic accidents on the road. Because the automobile is a flexible and flexible vehicle that travels at a high speed, the quality of the auto parts is directly related to the personal safety of the driver and the rider. Because of the inferior quality of counterfeit auto parts, there is bound to be a huge potential for traffic accidents when the car goes on the road. In the annual traffic accident statistics, there are a considerable number of car crashes caused by the poor quality of auto parts.

Anti-counterfeiting and unstoppable trips In order to curb the proliferation of counterfeiting and counterfeiting, relevant departments in China have organized and mobilized various forces in recent years, and continuously strengthened the counterfeiting efforts. With the active cooperation and assistance of enterprises, they have achieved certain results. However, the auto parts counterfeit cases that can be investigated and handled at present only account for a very small part of the actual cases of counterfeit goods. The fake and unfair style of auto parts failed to stop it fundamentally. The reporter learned from the interview that there are several reasons for this situation.

First, because auto parts are highly technically demanding products, unlike other products, they can be distinguished only by product identification. For the true and false identification of auto parts, it must be identified by specialized agencies to reach conclusions. At present, many anti-counterfeiting departments in China do not have such an accreditation body and do not have the ability to verify the authenticity of auto parts. This brings difficulties to the counterfeiting of the auto parts market, resulting in the creation of counterfeiters and lack of strength. The local auto parts must be sent to the superior department, and they can be determined through appraisal. This leaves room for manufactur- ing and selling counterfeiters to deal with and transfer products, and there is an opportunity for evasion. As a result, counterfeiting has little effect.

The second is that the auto parts manufacturing and selling counterfeiters adopt the method of rubbing the ball and calmly deal with the counterfeiters. They are produced at night, delivered during the day, and are completely closed. In the product certification anti-counterfeit labels, all true counterfeiting, not only difficult for consumers to identify, the manufacturer is also difficult to distinguish between true and false.

Third, the laws and regulations of the auto parts quality standard system are not perfect, and the manufacturing and sale of counterfeit goods are subject to the laws of organic and easy drilling. Today's counterfeiters are different from the past. They are familiar with the law and do their utmost to omit certain laws and regulations on certain industries and markets. As a result, many crimes that endanger social and economic development are not illegal. There are no clear standards and standards for crackdowns and penalties on the production and sale of counterfeiters, resulting in difficulty in striking and penalizing them. At the same time, the law punished the manufacturing and selling of counterfeiters too generously and the punishment was not enough. Article 49 of the Consumer Law stipulates that the penalty for making and selling fakes is doubled. In this way, the punishments imposed on automobile parts manufacturing and selling counterfeiters are very different from the profits they have obtained. This is simply a matter of insignificance. Punishment must not deter them from making counterfeits.

As China is about to join the World Trade Organization, the automotive industry will suffer the most and face severe challenges. To have a good automotive market environment to cooperate and compete with the foreign automobile industry, we must further intensify efforts to crack down and curb manufacturing, and clean the auto parts market. Only in this way will the automotive industry take a more solid and long-term footstep. Actively implement the administrative law enforcement regional cooperation network. On the one hand, from the perspective of the regional economic development, several adjacent regions within a province have many similarities and complementarities in their economic types and structures. Due to the historical formation of repeated construction and local protectionism, regional The emergence of vicious competition in terms of quality and competition for the market. On the other hand, some small and medium-sized counterfeits and counterfeit sales points are often concentrated in adjacent areas. On the other hand, some manufacturing and selling counterfeit and unscrupulous criminals use geographical and interpersonal relations and other conditions to engage in counterfeit and fake sales activities in neighboring regions. Therefore, the establishment of an inter-regional law enforcement cooperation network will not only be conducive to effective anti-counterfeiting work, but will also promote the common development of the regional economy. To establish an inter-regional law enforcement cooperation network, we must first break the restrictions of regulations and frameworks, and incorporate a number of law enforcement cooperation areas within the province in the light of local economic development. Secondly, it is necessary to determine a coordinated command center to conduct unified deployment, command, and coordinated operations on the investigation and punishment of regional counterfeiting and sale of counterfeit goods. In addition, it is necessary to improve the collaborative network system, clarify rights, responsibilities and obligations, and ensure the unity and effectiveness of collaborative work.

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