Unveiling of Shougang Sub-Laboratory, State Key Laboratory

Unveiling of Shougang Sub-Laboratory, State Key Laboratory Promote innovation and development, accelerate the transformation and upgrading. On December 28, Shougang Branch Laboratory of State Key Laboratory of Hybrid Process Industrial Automation System and Equipment Technology was unveiled by the first confident company. The establishment of Shougang Sub-Laboratory will enable Shougang’s scientific and technological innovation work to gradually transform from introduction, digestion, absorption and re-innovation to independent innovation and original innovation, from simple applied innovation to basic theoretical innovation and profitable practical innovation. The transformation of the combination will surely push Shougang Science and Technology to take new steps in its innovative strength and level.

Relying on the first self-confidence company, Shougang sub-laboratories use the industry background of Shougang Corporation, and under the premise of national key laboratory planning and development, combined with the development needs of China's new generation of steel process, aiming at supporting the country and the steel industry's new construction and renovation projects. National-level major projects to solve the technical problems of major scientific applications in the field of information and automation control in the steel industry's production process. Shougang Branch Laboratories will play an active role in the deep integration of China's metallurgical enterprises under the guidance of the National Laboratory, overcome difficulties in science and technology, and continuously obtain new scientific research results.

The head of the company, Qiang Wei, Sun Yanguang, vice president of the Research Institute of Metallurgical Automation, attended and spoke. Qiang Wei said that the establishment of Shougang Sub-Laboratory is a successful case that combines production, study and research, and will certainly play an active role in the development of China's metallurgical automation business. He hoped that the Shougang sub-laboratories, under the guidance of the national laboratories, would be brave enough to undertake key research projects and national-level key scientific research topics urgently needed by enterprises, overcome difficulties in science and technology, produce high-level scientific research results, and promote Shougang's technological innovation level to a new level. . Sun Yanguang stated that through the long-term and friendly cooperation between Shougang and the Institute of Metallurgical Automation Research and Design, Shougang Branch Laboratory has developed into an industry-leading, international advanced steel industry automation control and information technology research and development innovation platform and achievement transformation base. The major automation technology innovation issues of the state and enterprises have contributed to our country becoming a strong steel industry country.

Deputy Chief Engineer of Metallurgical Automation Research and Design Institute, Zhang Yungui, Deputy Director of the State Key Laboratory of the Institute of Metallurgical Automation Research and Design, and the leader of the first confident company and the head of the Shougang Research Institute attended the event.

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