China Heavy Duty Truck HOWO-A7 Heavy Truck Chongqing Listing

The HOWO-A7 new product recommendation meeting of China National Heavy Duty Truck Chongqing was held in a grand meeting. With the self-contained AMT tiptronic transmission developed by China National Heavy Duty Truck and the unique front-wheel disc brake technology, HOWO-A7 immediately attracted the attention of many logistics companies. 330,000 "cheap" prices are available on-site.

The reporter learned that the A7 is currently the only heavy truck equipped with an automatic transmission, comparable to European and American products. (Actually, the A7 is not the first and only heavy truck equipped with an automatic transmission. Dongfeng Tianlong has always been equipped with an automatic transmission. Editor's note). The A7 is equipped with the D10 and D12 series using the new generation of electronically controlled common rail fuel system from Nippon Denso. The engine can provide ultra-high power of 270ps~460ps. With its self-developed 16-speed mechanical tiptronic transmission and small speed ratio drive axle, it can not only provide sufficient power under various operating conditions, but also effectively control fuel. Consumption.

At the same time, the A7's front axle disc brake adopts the engine EVB (exhaust valve braking) technology, which not only effectively guarantees the performance of the brake, but also reduces the braking torque due to the physical structure of the disc brake. As a result, the common brake swings and brake runaway of heavy-duty vehicles are effectively solved. And because its service life is much higher than a drum brake, the A7's maintenance costs are relatively inexpensive.
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