Dadai held a mid-level cadre meeting to announce the establishment of the organization and the appointment and dismissal of cadres.

On March 25, the Grand Tooth Company held a mid-level cadre meeting in the conference room on the fourth floor. General Manager Wu Zhenghe, Chief Accountant Zhang Yongteng, Chief Engineer Ge Yuxi, Deputy General Manager Ma Mingren, and Wang Ziping attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Shi Fucheng, deputy party secretary of the company, discipline inspection secretary, and trade union chairman. Wu Zhenghe, general manager, made an important speech at the meeting.

Li Ping, the head of the company’s human resources department, and Deng Jianping, the head of the Dangqun Work Department, read out the decision of the Big Tooth Company about the institution setting and the appointment and removal of cadres.

At the meeting, Deputy Secretary Shi Fucheng gave a collective talk to all middle-level cadres on the need for honest and disciplined cadres during the adjustment of the cadres. All mid-level cadres must be aware that this adjustment is a need for the development of the enterprise and is a requirement of the group company. Each leading cadre We must correctly view and recognize this adjustment, obey the organizational arrangements, and maintain the unity, stability, and development of the overall situation. We must grasp the good timing of current production and business operations, and focus on our work. We should not rush to send money and materialize things, accept the audit of leaving office, and implement the “decisions” of honesty and self-discipline. Seriously carry out the study and practice of the scientific concept of development, do not take the form, do not deal with, and truly promote the sound and rapid development of the enterprise.

In the speech, General Manager Wu Zhenghe first explained the setting of the organization and the adjustment of cadres. He said that in accordance with the principle of lean and efficient, we have adjusted the number of 35 units from the original to 27, and this time, the adjusted group company has fully considered the history of the large teeth and the actual situation of the current big teeth, hoping that all middle-level cadres must consider the overall situation. ,treat it correctly. The company's 2009 Economic Responsibility Book has been signed, and six key tasks must be completed throughout the year with heavy tasks.

Combining the objectives of the year's work and the ongoing scientific learning and viewing activities, Wu proposed six points:

1. To strengthen the training of new cadres, it is necessary to enhance the overall quality of cadres.

2. Middle-level cadres must do their utmost to perform their duties, work hard, cherish their posts, and earnestly perform their duties.

3. Define job responsibilities, establish awareness of the overall situation, and stand on the standpoint of the group and the company to think and solve problems.

4. All units must formulate detailed work plans and work measures on how to implement and implement the objectives of the annual production tasks.

5. In connection with the ongoing study and practice of the Scientific Outlook on Development activities, use the scientific concept to guide work, solve problems, and seize the current golden opportunity to work together to jointly promote the development of Big Tooth.

6, from now on, all units must go all out to enter the working state, to ensure that there will be a big breakthrough in the second quarter.

Finally, Wu stressed that this year's working time is very important. At present, it is the critical period for the quantity. We need all the cadres and employees to keep up their spirits, go all out, quickly commit ourselves to production and management, do our job well, and jointly grasp the current situation. Great opportunities for big teeth development.

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