PSA China's "turnaround" and new CNAC cooperation is limited to Hafei

Although this is the third time that Chen Yehong has come to the Automotive Research and Development Center of Tongji University Automotive College, he still can't conceal his excitement when he looks at each laboratory here. As president of PSA's R&D center in China, Chen Yehong helped PSA find a very good cooperative R&D platform in China. This way of learning to cooperate has also made PSA a key step in China.

â–  Localization becomes the first priority

Earlier this year, PSA set up an R&D center in Shanghai to better provide technical services for the Group's joint ventures in China, design and develop cars that are more in line with the needs of the Chinese market, and help the Group achieve an annual output of 1 million vehicles in China in 2015. The goal of the car.

"The R & D center of Shenlong is mainly engaged in product development and localization adaptation, and the Shanghai R & D center is mainly engaged in early stage R & D and design, especially in accordance with the needs of the Chinese market," said Hua Riman, CEO of Peugeot Citroen Group's China Affairs Department.

In fact, for foreign companies in joint ventures, the most important issue facing the establishment of R&D in China is investment in R&D equipment and venues. It is understood that the first domestic wind tunnel to be completed at Tongji University Automotive College will be the first domestic wind tunnel laboratory, and its cost will reach 500 million yuan. Because of this, in the past, many auto companies, including domestic independent companies, had chosen to cooperate with domestic automotive colleges such as Tongji and Tsinghua. Chen Yehong said: "The cooperation with Tongji Automotive College is expected to save about 75% of our research and development costs."

After establishing the Peugeot Citroen-Tongji Cooperation Center, PSA plans to invest 1.7 million euros in the next five years. The two sides will use training cooperation as a starting point to gradually strengthen their mutual exchanges and cooperation in the areas of technology and R&D, including: using the existing equipment of the Automobile Academy for R&D experiments; both parties will include NVH, simulated road tests, wind tunnel tests, and electric vehicles. And other areas of cooperation and development.

â–  Cooperation with Hafei is under negotiation

In the course of the interview, Hua Riman mentioned several times "to increase market share in China." It is not difficult to find from statistics that sales of the two PSA brands currently in the Chinese market are difficult to satisfy, and this makes it even more difficult to achieve the goal of achieving 1 million vehicles in 2015.

Hua Riman said: "The most important goal at present is how to increase market share. We have been working with Dongfeng for more than 10 years. Cooperation has always been very enjoyable. We will continue to study how to increase our market share. In addition, in order to accelerate the pace, we also The relevant discussions with Hafei are currently under discussion."

For the new CNAC said that it wants to put the car on its main business, Hua Riman said: “This is a good thing for us. It is a matter that makes us happy. After all, if we want to cooperate, we also We hope to find a more powerful partner.” At the same time, he stressed that the current cooperation with the new CNAC is mainly limited to Hafei, including research on passenger cars and commercial vehicles. As for Changhe and Xindong'an, it is not involved.

Regarding the rumors of discord with the Dongfeng, he clarified that: “To cooperate with Hafei, Dongfeng knows. We are looking for more ways to get something new. The talks take time because the interests are not the same. Meeting the satisfaction of both parties also requires negotiations."
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