Hunan Jiangbin company's market orders soared

Despite the rainy days in Hunan in recent days, the cold weather is no worse than the cold winter, making people shudder. However, the scene of the production and operation of Hunan Jiangbin Company showed a warm and gratifying scene. The author recently learned from the company that, since late February, the company’s production tasks have been full and market orders have soared. Especially after entering March, the company produced more than 10,000 pistons per day, the highest record in history. The production pressure is so great that the piston product is in short supply.

At the beginning of the new year, with the Party Central Committee and the State Council responding to the global financial crisis, stimulating domestic demand and doing everything possible to ensure the implementation of various policies and measures, the automobile engine industry began to heat up, and the demand for Jiangbin Pistons from host plants such as Yuchai and Weichai soared. As of the afternoon of March 4, the company received more than 400,000 piston supply orders for this month's supply orders alone. It is an unprecedented demand for shipments, high demands, and orders. In the face of this gratifying situation and good news, the company convened an emergency meeting for middle-level and above cadres. General Manager Liu Dehuai and Secretary of the Party Committee Luo expert personally called for the company to act immediately, with high quality, high standards, and rapid efforts to do a good job of supply of piston products, ensure the market, keep orders, and strive to fully complete the annual business objectives; We have taken all-round mobilization, launched all personnel, strengthened service guarantees, focused on key quality issues, and vigorously responded to six measures, including lean production, to promptly set off an upsurge of production and management.

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