CNC cutting machine into the civilian population

This year's machine expo had a good opportunity. The time we spoke of was nothing more than weather and time. When weather was on, it was on a golden autumn day, on behalf of the harvest season. On the opening day, the weather was very cool. The geographical location of the Expo is opposite Zhongshan Park in the central part of Hankou. Renhe is sponsored by the people's governments of all provinces and cities, and all provinces and cities make concerted efforts to create a platform for everyone to display high technology. Some of the enterprises participating in the exhibition are large-scale joint-stock companies, such as Kunshan Lieneng Special Co., Ltd., Shanghai GM Heavy Industries Group Co., Ltd., Chengdu Weld Research Weida Technology Co., Ltd., etc. From a strength point of view, this fair The weights are high. Our company's equipment for exhibition includes heavy-duty gantry cutting machines and portable small gantry cutting machines. Since its launch on the 23rd, it has received more than 80 customers on a continuous basis. 60% of its customers are external processing self-employed and 10% are its own companies. For processing equipment accessories, 5% is for some large shipyards to purchase intersecting wire cutters, and the remaining 20% ​​are for all walks of life. Through such a set of data, we can see that the CNC cutting machine has slowly approached the ordinary processing plants, some small businesses are also trying to buy CNC cutting machine to improve productivity, CNC cutting machine is no longer a deep-seated high-end The device is based on an operating system just above the Chinese character.
The slogan of CNC cutting machine entering into generalization and commonwealth is what our company hopes to see. The slogan of our company is to create a CNC cutting machine that belongs to the Chinese people and let the CNC cutting machine create more value for the people of the country so that each company can buy it. It will be used and will continue to be a major wish of CNC researchers in the Four Seas era. After so many years of ups and downs, through this trade fair, we have seen that CNC China is not far away. CNC cutting machines have entered ordinary people. Their lives have also become values ​​for them; artifacts.
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Advantages About Our Watering Rod

1.Suspension installation cause pig curiously as a toy,reduce pig irritability.

2.Adopting stainless steel screw connection,Conventionly assemble and disassemble.

3.Freely customized,can be conbined with our drinkers versatility,good practibility.

4.The whole pipe made by one seamless steel tube,the height can be adjusted to meet the different age pig's demands.

5.Avoid pigs snatch and reduce pig playing water.

6.Perfect details.Anti-corrosion and anti-abration assemble and disassemble

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