Foton Cummins and Fukuda Daimler escort for double 11 express delivery

It is also a year of “Hands-Fighting Festival”. The huge amount of double 11 transportation is a great challenge to the express delivery industry. Therefore, in order to ensure the timely delivery of Double 11 Express, major express logistics companies are preparing for the double 11, nervous expansion of capacity, do the final vehicle maintenance work.
Foton Cummins Futian Auman EST

In order to protect the timeliness of courier and transportation and develop the concern for Express Express customers, Foton Cummins joined hands with Futian Daimler in coordinating with the express delivery companies in East China to face the double 11.

Foton Cummins Yunda Express 150 Futian Auman

Just a few days ago, Zhongtong Express has purchased more than a hundred EST A super trucks equipped with Futian Cummins X12 engine to enhance the efficiency of Double 11 express transportation. Let the courier be delivered to the customer at the first time, providing solutions for cost reduction and efficiency increase for the express delivery industry.

Foton Cummins Foton Auman Yuantong Express Vehicle
Foton Cummins Foton Cummins Helps China Express Express

During the period when the courier company expanded its capacity, the Auman Heavy Duty Trucks with a high level of attendance, high efficiency, high reliability, and the lowest total cost of TCO equipped with Foton Cummins Engines became the first choice of major companies.

Foton Cummins Foton Cummins Helps China Express Express
Foton Cummins
Foton Cummins Helps Postal Express
Foton Cummins
Foton Cummins boosts rhyme delivery

The China Industry and Business Research Institute predicts that during the double 11 years this year, the national express delivery industry will increase in volume and price, and the express delivery volume will exceed one billion units. Therefore, this year's express delivery companies will face greater challenges. But this time, there are Foton Cummins and Fukuda Daimler fighting with the major express transport companies.

Foton Cummins Foton Cummins Helps Daily Express
Foton Cummins
Cummins X12 Engine

This double eleven, with a super reliable Fukang engine, with a super efficient Auman heavy truck, plus service guarantees escort the escort team, your partner's double eleven parcels will fly to your hands.

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