Intelligent electric arc extinguishing short circuit protector plays a role

In most of the fire accidents, most of them are electrical fires. The occurrence of fires is undoubtedly a major loss to people's lives and property. Therefore, to prevent fire hazards and deal with fire accidents in a timely and effective manner is what we must do. . In most of the electrical fires, fire accidents caused by short circuits or overloads are the main causes, and the emergence of intelligent power-extinguishing arc short-circuit protectors has solved these problems well. So what exactly does this protector do? However, what kind of help can it bring to our safe use of electricity? Here's a look at it together.
First, reduce the possibility of fire caused by short circuit or overload
The emergence of intelligent power-extinguishing arc short-circuit protectors can make up for the shortcomings of traditional technologies in the fire caused by short-circuit or overload spark discharge. It is provided by Beijing Lebird Technology Co., Ltd. (Dongguan Lebird Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. Co., Ltd.) research and development of LN6A arc fault detectors , and can effectively provide arc-extinguishing electrical fire protection short circuit protection technology, this technology can effectively avoid the generation of dangerous sparks, it will reduce the possibility of fire caused by a short circuit. This protector includes a current detection unit, an electronic switch, and a control unit, so when an alarm signal such as a short-circuit or an overload occurs, the electronic switch can receive the signal, thus breaking the circuit of Shinjuku and thereby avoiding fire. happened.
Second, the characteristics of intelligent arc extinguishing short circuit protector
The intelligent electric arc extinguishing short-circuit protector uses ultra-high-precision control elements internally, so that the current can be effectively monitored and controlled by these elements. Therefore, in the event of a short-circuit or overload, these ultra-high-precision control The components can be used effectively to cut off the power quickly, and the basic cut-off speed can be controlled within a short period of time. At the same time, it can ensure that there is no dangerous spark after a short circuit. In addition, after the power is cut off, the arc extinction short-circuit protector can also give off a light warning, so as to better prevent the occurrence of fire and promptly contain the fire.
The role of the intelligent power-extinguishing arc short-circuit protector is very large, so the state is also vigorously promoting and promoting the use of this kind of protector, especially for some people-intensive commercial places and residential places, able to use safety protectors for safety purposes. Electricity and fire prevention are of great help.

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