Rotary vane vacuum pump advantages and disadvantages

Rotary vane vacuum pump advantages and disadvantages

Rotary vane vacuum pumps are used more and more widely in the industry today, how to avoid weaknesses and improve the competitiveness of this product. Need to further understand the product's own advantages and deficiencies.

Rotary vane vacuum pump advantages:

1. Because the gas compression in the rotary vane vacuum pump is isothermal, it can remove flammable and explosive gas. Because there are no exhaust valves and friction surfaces, dusty gases, condensable gases, and gas-water mixtures can be removed. With these outstanding characteristics, despite its low efficiency, it has been widely used.

2, pumping rate: 0.43-560m3/min

3, the lowest inhalation absolute pressure: 33-160hPa

4, the use of temperature: -10 °C -40 °C

5, supporting power: 7.5-560KW

6, over flow material: cast iron, stainless steel

7, the structure is simple, the manufacturing accuracy is not high, simple processing, compact structure.

The disadvantages of rotary vane vacuum pumps:

1, low efficiency: generally about 30%, better up to 50%.

2. Low vacuum: This is not only due to structural constraints, but more importantly limited by the saturated vapor pressure of the working fluid.

3, water for the working fluid: the ultimate pressure can only reach 2000 - 4000Pa. With oil as working fluid, up to 130Pa

In summary, it combines its advantages and its shortcomings. We can know that the gas compression in the vacuum pump is isothermal, so it can extract flammable and explosive gas, and its safety can still be guaranteed. Because there are no exhaust valves and conflicting surfaces, dusty gases and gas-water mixtures can be removed. Because of these characteristics, although it is inefficient, it is still very competitive in the entire market.

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