The Ministry of Supervision, the Ministry of Environmental Protection, jointly strengthens the enforcement of the first laws and regulations concerning violation of laws and regulations in environmental protection and law enforcement.

(Reporter Huang Cun) On February 20, the Ministry of Supervision and the State Environmental Protection Administration jointly held a press conference to announce that China's first special regulation on environmental protection disposal - "Interim Provisions on the Disciplinary Action for Environmental Protection Violations and Disciplinary Actions" from The implementation will be announced on that day.
According to reports, the Ministry of Supervision and the General Administration of Environmental Protection have jointly formulated the “Regulations” in accordance with the requirements of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, and in accordance with the “Environmental Protection Law” and “Administrative Supervision Law” and other legal provisions. . The "Regulations" are the first special regulations on environmental protection measures in China. Its distinctive features are: First, it reflects the requirements of lawful administration and strict governance. According to the existing laws and regulations, the “Regulations” clearly stipulates the disciplinary actions that should be given for violations of laws and regulations concerning environmental protection, and enumerate in detail the current laws and regulations that are more or more rigorous and need to be severely punished. These include the state administrative agencies and their There are more than 30 regulations for staff members, and there are 8 regulations concerning personnel appointed by the state administrative agencies in enterprises. Second, it embodies the requirements of treating both symptoms and problems and comprehensive management. Focusing on curbing the current trend of frequent occurrence of various environmental protection violations and disciplines, it also has important preventive functions. New disciplinary regulations have been set up for the outstanding problems in the real world and the relatively concentrated environmental pollution problems that the people have reflected. Thirdly, it has strong pertinence and operability, and clearly stipulates the discipline subject of disciplinary responsibility and the standards of disciplines. The severity of punishment is consistent with the disciplinary responsibility of the violation of law and discipline.
In recent years, some oil and chemical companies, especially those of state-owned oil and chemical companies, have been repeatedly disciplined for environmental issues. On December 5, 2005, the general manager and secretary of the Party Committee of PetroChina Jilin Petrochemical Company Branch was dismissed due to the explosion of Jilin Petrochemical Shuangbenzene Plant and caused serious pollution of the Songhua River's major water environment; in April 2004, Sichuan Chemical Group Co., Ltd. President, Sichuan The chairman of the Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. resigned due to pollution caused by the Minjiang River, and five business leaders and environmental protection officials were handed over to the judicial authorities. However, the basis and standards of these dispositions have not been open and transparent. The relevant personage thinks that the promulgation of the "Regulations" will standardize the punishing of such problems in the future and will be more conducive to the supervision of the whole society.

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