UPS power supply in the equipment room needs to be monitored

Regardless of whether it is a machine room or a base station, everyone will be equipped with one or more sets of UPS power supplies for their equipment when they are under construction. UPS, which is an uninterruptible power supply, is a type of device that contains energy storage devices with inverters as the main component. Constant frequency uninterruptible power supply. It is mainly used to provide uninterrupted power supply to computers, computer network systems or other power electronic devices. When the utility input is normal, the UPS will supply the utility voltage to the load for use. The UPS at this time is an AC mains voltage regulator. At the same time, it also charges the internal battery; when the utility power is interrupted (accidental power failure) At the time, the UPS will immediately supply 220V AC power to the load through the inverter conversion method, so that the load can maintain normal operation and protect the load software and hardware from damage.
The UPS monitoring system has a narrow and broad sense. The narrow sense UPS monitoring system refers to a solution for monitoring the operation status of the UPS and managing the UPS. The broad sense UPS monitoring system refers to not only monitoring and managing the operating status of the UPS itself, but also focusing on the UPS. Power Environment System A comprehensive UPS power system security management system that monitors, manages and controls. The UPS monitoring system has emerged and developed along with the development of UPS and is an important part of the UPS power supply system.
So, why should we monitor the UPS? An expert from Henan Shengqing Electric Equipment Co., Ltd. will give you an analysis:
The reason why the monitoring and management of the UPS should be carried out is actually determined by the limitations of the traditional UPS system itself.
(1) The single machine has a high failure rate and often affects the continuous work of the supported system. The traditional single-machine UPS has no backup line or emergency plan, and all the power supply lines are single-line. Once a problem occurs, power supply interruption is inevitable. If this happens and spreads further, if it is not dealt with in time, it is very likely to cause irreparable and huge losses.
(2) Poor scalability. The traditional UPS configuration is fixed and cannot be upgraded. In the event of an upgrade of the information system, which requires increased power supply capability, only new UPS systems are purchased. Furthermore, the UPS system itself can only guarantee the security of the power supply, and it cannot do anything to monitor and manage the power environment.
(3) It is difficult to manage. All batteries or battery packs have no difference in function and usage. When one of the batteries fails, the UPS management system cannot perform timely shutdown and replacement. Only system failures can be reported, and then the management personnel manually replaces them. In addition, most domestic small and medium-sized computer rooms do not have 24-hour on-duty. Generally, they use patrol methods. They cannot discover hidden dangers for the first time. Non-working hours, holidays, etc., have potential security risks. The relevant management personnel cannot be informed and dealt with for the first time.
(4) High maintenance costs. The maintenance of a traditional UPS system is a technically demanding job. For the most common replacement battery, it is required to be completed by professional technicians. It is impossible for an ordinary user to perform it independently. The dispersion of outlets is also important. For the maintenance of the later period, it brings huge transportation costs and time costs.
In addition, the automation and standardized management of the UPS is a key step to truly achieve 100% safety of the UPS power system, and is also an important part of the goal of realizing the unattended modernization of the engine room. This is also the direction that Henan Qingqing Electric Equipment Co., Ltd. needs to work hard. If there is a need to build a computer room friend, please contact us directly.

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