7.1 cranes powertrain total package project orders

On October 22nd, the 4th China Shipbuilding Technology Summit was held in Qingdao. At the summit, CSIC’s 712th Research Institute and Shandong Hainuolihua Ocean Engineering Co., Ltd. held a signing ceremony for the “200-ton offshore crane crane power system package with independent brand electric power propulsion core equipment”. China has broken the foreign monopoly in the field of real ship application of marine engineering ship electric propulsion system, and has opened the "bulk order" mode.
It is reported that the 200-ton marine engineering crane vessel signed this time is the first multi-purpose vessel specialized in submarine pipeline excavation, cleaning operations and offshore steel structure transportation with its own brand electric power propulsion core equipment. The whole ship will use the 721 self-owned brand electric power to promote core equipment, including power management system, phase shifting transformer, frequency converter, propulsion motor, etc., and all equipments are standard products approved by the classification society.
According to on-site experts, the demand for electric propulsion systems for high-end ships such as marine engineering vessels, scientific research vessels, new fishing vessels, and luxury cruise ships is growing. For a long time, the market has been monopolized by foreign countries, and the localization rate of marine power equipment has become insufficient. China's development bottleneck in the ranks of the world's shipbuilding powers. Experts said that in Europe, the United States, Japan and other developed countries, the key supporting equipment of electric propulsion system has modularization and serialization characteristics, and the product line is complete. Siemens, General Electric and other manufacturers are basically in a monopoly position. However, the cost of imported products is not nearly double that of domestic production, and there are problems of high life expectancy and inconvenient after-sales service.
Zhou Zongzi, the person in charge of the science and technology industry of 712, said that in recent years, China has continuously achieved breakthroughs in technology and products in the field of core equipment for self-propelled ship electric power propulsion. At present, it has a low- to medium-pressure, from tens of kilowatts to 10 megawatts. The standardization, serialized production and batch supply capability of marine electric propulsion systems with completely independent intellectual property rights means that China's shipbuilding technology engineering and ship power high-end equipment manufacturing have reached a new level.

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