The important role of temperature and humidity monitor in the cultivation of eggplant in sunlight greenhouse

Eggplant in the cultivation process than the general requirements of the temperature of the fruit and vegetable will be higher, the northern greenhouse cultivation technology has encountered more difficulties, for this long-term production practices, summed up the appropriate technical measures, a reasonable match Use, improve production and quality, get greater benefits. For this purpose, a temperature and humidity monitor is used inside the greenhouse to monitor the temperature and humidity in the shed and take relevant measures in a timely manner.

The use of temperature and humidity monitor set, or automatic monitoring of air release equipment, monitoring changes at any time, strict management of temperature and humidity, planting the first time to keep the temperature and humidity closed, to promote the slow seedlings, since the days of 28300L, at least 18 °C at night. After the seedlings are tempered, the temperature should be reduced from 23°C to 280°C and exceed 30°C; at night 16200C, the minimum must not be lower than 130Co. The required air humidity should be controlled at 500}0600}0. The soil should be kept moist and avoid flooding. Diligent pouring, when the temperature is low and high humidity should be increased after the warm ventilation and dehumidification, if necessary, temporary heating.

Monitoring results of the temperature and humidity monitor and the growth of eggplant point of view, when the grafted eggplant lack of light, it is prone to the phenomenon of reproductive resistance, plants and people, produce deformed fruit and other phenomena, seriously affecting the yield and quality. Specific measures are as follows: use PO film shed, the old film can be used in the early phase of the replacement at the end of September; after the winter to early March, the back wall part of the hanging reflective Mu; shed film on the knife blade, ready to remove the film on the wind Miscellaneous materials and dust; usually should be exposed to cover the late cover straw, cleaning the film to increase the transparency of the shed; cloudy snow days, since the sky as long as the temperature exceeds 100C, when the snow stopped, but also to open the straw screen to see some scattered light.

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