The national small and medium bearing product quality supervision and inspection center (Zhejiang) passed the acceptance

Recently, the National Small and Medium-sized Bearing Products Quality Supervision and Inspection Center (Zhejiang) successfully passed the on-site acceptance by the expert group of the AQSIQ.
The expert group listens to reports, conducts on-site inspections, blind sample tests, consults data, visits companies, discusses exchanges, and focuses on evaluations. It provides support for the center's technical capabilities, team building, scientific research capabilities, operational status, influence and authority, and local government support. Other aspects of on-site review.
It is reported that the National Small and Medium-sized Bearing Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center (Zhejiang) is the second national-level bearing inspection center built in China. The testing coverage covers bearings and related products, metal materials and mechanical parts and components. The acceptance of the center will provide strong support for the transformation and upgrading of the bearing industry.

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