Shell opens new lubricant blending plant in Indonesia

Shell recently announced that as part of the continued strategic growth of the refining business, Shell will open a new lubricant blending plant in Asia, which is also Indonesia's largest internationally operating lubricants plant. Located in the Marenda Centre in northern Jakarta, the plant occupies an area of ​​75,000 square meters, and its annual lubricant production capacity is expected to be 120,000 tons, enough to meet the oil demand of 460,000 motorcycles or 90,000 vehicles. Shell is full of confidence in Indonesia's lubricants market. Indonesia is the largest lubricants market in Southeast Asia. Like China and India, it is currently the fastest growing demand for engine oil in Asia. The completion of the Lubricant Factory can meet the needs of Indonesian users for high-quality high-grade lube products, while at the same time expanding the scope of international application of Shell Lubricant Products.

The plant produces Shell's world-leading lubricant brands that will meet the needs of Indonesia's automotive engines and other lubricant applications such as mining, power generation, transportation and growing infrastructure. The plant has world-class lubricant auto-regulation and oil packaging technology, and is equipped with a strict quality control system and world-class lubricants testing room.

Spiral steel pipe machine for the manufacture of spiral seam welded pipe, It can produce the same diameter of pipe with different width of coil. Or It can produce the different diameter of pipe with different width of coil.

The process: uncoiler - leveler - shear welding station - disc trimmer - Milling Machine - delivery machine - pre-bent guide device - machine - both inside and outside welding equipment - sizing device - line ultrasonic testing equipment - rear axle and pipe cutting devices --- X-ray detection device - flat head chamfering machine - hydraulic press - welding station - weighing measuring - corrosion equipment - spray-standard equipment.

Rolling Machine is the key equipment of spiral pipe production, which is using a three-roll Bending Machine principle of continuous metal strip rolled into a spiral tube, and then single-sided welding, double-sided welding or high frequency welding spiral steel made.

Spiral Welded Tube Machine

Spiral Welded Tube Machine

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