Analysis of China's Valve Industry Development Trend in 2015

The current valve market is not only based on, but also a challenge. We are confident that as long as we continuously improve the quality of our products and constantly reform and innovate, we will be able to achieve deeper breakthroughs. As long as the company can seize the opportunity to strengthen its research and development capabilities and constantly improve its technological content and product quality, it will be able to take the initiative in the broad market competition.

According to the Yubo Zhiye Market Research Center, with the deepening of competition, the profit margins in all stages of the valve industry chain are being compressed, and the space for price cuts is decreasing. More and more companies are realizing that it is impossible to establish core competitiveness based on price competition alone, and not the direction of long-term development, in an effort to explore new development paths. Domestic valve companies, in order to increase their own strength and expand international markets faster, will accelerate the integration with foreign companies through various means to improve product quality and competitiveness.

Due to oversupply of domestic valve cabinet products and increasing pressure on quality, sales channels have become one of the key competition factors, and the competition for channels among all parties has become increasingly fierce. On the one hand, kitchen appliance manufacturers have strengthened their control over retail terminals, striving to reduce sales links, save sales expenses, and make sales channels more professional. The company's sales model has been able to adapt to multiple markets at the same time. On the other hand, the development trend of the sales industry has led to the continuous rise of the status of large-scale home appliance chain stores, increased control over the industry, and participation in the price competition that was previously dominated by manufacturers.

At the same time, the requirements of international market for China's valve products will gradually evolve and change. There will be higher requirements for the quality, packaging, and delivery period of Chinese products, and even gradually extend to the research and development of production processes and products, and product and environmental protection , energy resources, and humanities combined.

The next few years will be the high-speed oscillation period of the valve industry. The immediate consequence of this high-speed shock is the expansion of the polarization trend in the current cabinet brand camp. It is expected that valve companies that can really survive in the market in the next few years will definitely not have so much. However, this high-speed oscillation in the valve industry will bring huge opportunities. The result of the shock will make the market operation more rational.

With the continuous change of the times, the development of China's valve industry will also need to be updated with the replacement of the times. Otherwise, it will be beaten. Then, for the continuous development of the valve brand, valve companies urgently need to change the traditional mode of production in order to keep pace with the development of the times.

The current mode of production can not keep up with the pace of the times

From the analysis of China's valve industry competition pattern and research report of development trends, we know from the valve market in the past two years that due to the influence of the environment, the rapid development of the valve industry in the past has ceased to exist, and the market has fallen into a depressed state. In fact, the slowdown in the development of the valve industry, and the fundamental reason why valve companies are facing a huge crisis of survival and development are not in the downturn of the general environment, but in the internal defects of valve companies. At present, the valve enterprise development concept is still standing still, backward production mode is still popular, many valve companies have not kept pace with the times.

The current production model leads to a low rate of return for corporate innovation

As a manufacturing industry, the valve industry has continued its labor-intensive production model. This model has been unable to meet the needs of the current market competition. The nature of its production relationship determines the low productivity of the company. Therefore, in the valve industry, the continuation of the low-tech production model brings the biggest drawbacks: product homogeneity, low product technology content, and relatively low barriers to entry. Newly-emerged companies often focus on the products of others. This led to a low rate of return for innovation in the valve industry.

Valve companies need to change existing production relations to strengthen technological innovation Facing the problem of homogeneity, the valve industry is gradually falling into a vicious circle of incompetent competition in the wireless cycle. Under this severe situation, valve companies need to clearly recognize that low-cost, low-tech valve products flood the market, not only disrupting consumers' judgments and buying desires, but also hindering the mature transition of the valve market. Therefore, if a valve company wants to increase its production efficiency, it will inevitably need to change the existing production relationship first, increase investment in modern production lines, and strengthen technological innovation.

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