·Jiangsu car rental regulations issued a "special car" road transport permit

Recently, the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Transportation issued the "Administrative License Regulations for Automobile Leasing in Jiangsu Province" (hereinafter referred to as the "Specifications") to regulate the access and supervision of the car rental market. According to this specification, car rental vehicles, including "special cars", must be owned by the leasing company. Experts believe that the introduction of this regulation in Jiangsu has given the car rental market, including the development of “special car”, a relaxed environment, which is conducive to full competition in the market. It is a good news. It is reported that the regulation will be implemented on the 1st of next month.
Policy release The car rental market has a "hard bar"
On December 18 last year, the Nanjing Municipal Transportation Department responded to the “Special Car” service for the first time in accordance with the “Regulations on Road Transportation in Jiangsu Province”.
In the interview with the reporter of Modern Express, the relevant person in charge said that since Nanjing has not implemented the administrative license for car rental, it is necessary to regulate the car rental companies and vehicles, and then wait until the car rental administrative licensing regulations and regulatory measures are introduced before they can The leasing market proposes to regulate the operation. From this point of view, it also means that there is still a gap in supervision for the "special car" that combines "car rental services".
The reporter found that the "Regulations on Road Transportation in Jiangsu Province" implemented in 2012, which broadly defined the car rental operation, was broad because the regulations did not do the entry barriers and conditions for the car rental industry. Further refinement.
However, this status quo will soon become history. In the future, the car rental market including “special car” will have “hard bars”. Modern Express reporter learned that in order to regulate the administrative licensing of car rental operations and promote the healthy development of the car rental industry, at the end of last year, the provincial government organized the drafting of the "Administrative License Regulations for Automobile Leasing in Jiangsu Province", the 85th meeting of the Office in 2014. It was reviewed and approved and will be implemented on February 1, 2015.
Regulatory rules Who will supervise rental cars such as “special cars”? According to the investigation of the reporter of the Modern Express, before the establishment of a car rental company in Nanjing, it only needs to be registered in the industrial and commercial department, and does not require the company to obtain an administrative license for car rental. Not only that, but many companies are now registered as provincial companies, and some are national chain car rental companies, such as Shenzhou, Yiyi and other car rental companies, they are not regulated by the authorities in Nanjing and even Jiangsu Province.
The new regulations are clear. The competent transportation department of the local people's government at or above the county level is responsible for organizing and leading the management of car rental operations in its administrative area. The road transportation management agency is responsible for the specific implementation of the administrative licensing work for car rental operations and the supervision and management of car rental operations. The Code also mentions that car rental operators are encouraged to implement chain operations, but in the administrative areas of the province, car rental operations and their supervision and management shall comply with this Code.
What are the conditions for opening a car rental company? If you have more than 10 vehicles, you can apply for Article 6 of the Rules. The conditions for applying for car rental operations are clearly defined. For example, the rental vehicles should be owned by the applicant and meet the national standards and have passed the test. The number of passenger cars is more than 10; the minimum area of ​​the business premises is not less than 20 square meters; the parking lot is at least 2 vehicles for one time. This also means that the vehicle provided by the car rental company must be the own vehicle of the rental company.
What qualifications do you need for a “special car”? Have a Road Transport Certificate
For the relevant road transport management agency to grant permission to engage in car rental operations, the regulations shall be clear, and the applicant shall be issued a copy and a copy of the Road Transport Business License. If an application for the issuance of a “road transport permit” for a leased vehicle is made, an application shall be made to the county-level road transport management agency of the vehicle registration place; if the vehicle registration land is within the urban area of ​​the district, the application shall be submitted to the municipal road transport management agency of the district. .
Experts interpret the opening of the car rental market, which is beneficial to the development of “special car”, which is in line with the spirit of the Ministry of Communications to encourage the development of the car rental industry.” According to Gu Dasong, deputy director of the Research Center for Traffic Law and Development at Southeast University, the Department of Transportation The introduction of a standard has given a relaxed environment to the car rental market including “special car”, which is a good news.
"This specification gives a standard of operation." Gu Dasong told the Modern Express reporter that the vehicle for the car rental company has to be clearly defined as a car rental company's own vehicle, not a trailer or a private car. Renting a vehicle is different from a private car. It has higher insurance, end-of-life requirements, and the added insurance products of the software platform, which is more conducive to protecting the interests of passengers."

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