Analysis of the problem of insufficient power of forklift engine caused by waterway problem


1) insufficient power under engine load condition;

2) Decompression valve frosting.


1) Because the water pipe flowing through the pressure reducing valve is not available, the water circuit heat circulation does not flow to the pressure reducing valve, causing the pressure reducing valve to frost (touch the pressure reducing valve water pipe by hand, it feels very cold).


1) Remove the outlet pipe of the pressure reducing valve and find that there is no water flowing out, indicating that the road is unreachable;

2) Remove the pressure reducing valve inlet pipe, there is a lot of hot water flowing out, use the mouth to blow the pressure reducing valve inlet pipe and find that it can not be blown, indicating that the inlet pipe to the outlet pipe section is blocked;

3) Since the pressure reducing valve has been in the frosting state before, it should be that the waterway is blocked by the waterway, and only the waterway is blocked. The hot water is poured on the pressure reducing valve. The inside of the pressure reducing valve is melted by ice, and then the mouth is blown. unobstructed;

4) After the waterway is unobstructed, the pressure reducing valve works normally, but the engine is still insufficient under load. Adjust the single fuel mixer concentration adjustment screw to make the mixer concentration larger, and then the vehicle is under load and the power is very strong.

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