Application of Automotive Piping Design

Flexible Design of the Piping When the turbine allows the pipe forces and moments to be determined, the piping design should try to ensure that the pipe forces and moments do not exceed these allowable values. There are usually two types of loads that need to be considered, namely displacement loads due to pipe gravity loads and temperature changes. Under normal circumstances, as long as the proper setting of the support can make the steam turbine basically does not bear the pipe weight load. According to the turbine pipe construction specification, the pipe flange should be opened after the pipe is welded and the parallelism and concentricity of the machine flange and the pipe flange should be checked. If there is skew, measures need to be taken to correct it. Therefore, it can be considered that the steam turbine is not affected by the force and moment of the pipe before the temperature rise, and the temperature and the moment of the pipe are all caused by the thermal expansion of the pipe.

The thermal expansion force and moment of the pipe are related to the temperature change amplitude, but also have a close relationship with the flexibility of the pipe itself. The flexibility of the pipeline reflects the ease of elastic deformation of the pipeline. The greater the flexibility of the pipeline, the smaller the counterforce and anti-torque generated when the pipeline is forced to deform. Pipe design should try to ensure that the pipe has a certain degree of flexibility, but it is not easy to design a large flexible pipe, because the increase of pipe flexibility usually requires more elbows and larger turns, which will be limited by the plant space, in addition It is easy to cause other problems, such as increased loss of pressure drop, easy vibration of pipelines, construction costs and material costs, etc. Therefore, the pipeline design also needs to use the hanger, especially the limit frame, to control and redistribute the pipeline deformation and displacement to achieve reduction. The purpose of the small pipe to thermal expansion force and moment of steam turbine.

The inlet steam pipe has a higher temperature and a higher pressure and is connected to the steam inlet valve of the steam turbine valve. Turbine valves allow single-side steam intake, as well as left and right simultaneous steam intake, and need to be configured according to the incoming steam volume. Correspondingly, the piping also has two forms of single inlet and double inlet. The double inlet mode makes it easy to arrange the pipelines symmetrically, and it can achieve offset cancellation of partial forces, which is beneficial to the piping design.

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