Facing strong opponents, domestic pharmaceutical companies should turn pressure into motivation

In recent years, the development of the pharmaceutical industry in China has become more and more rapid, which has made foreign companies look at the big cakes of domestic pharmaceutical machinery. How to deal with the strong pressure and fierce competition of foreign companies is an urgent problem in the industry.

Foreign pharmaceutical companies are trying every means to enter the Chinese market, infiltrate Chinese companies and control Chinese companies. Their intention is very obvious. They want to use China's low production factors and favorable policy conditions to reduce costs and pursue high profits. At the same time, it will increase its competitiveness in the international market and occupy and control the international market. In addition, it wants to cultivate the Chinese market and eventually occupy and control China.

It is understood that their steps are to take the first step to use Chinese companies’ tight funding, weak business scales, and local governments to introduce foreign investment as an opportunity to enter into joint ventures with Chinese companies. The primary goal is to directly control, if not achieve control. It will take up 40% of the shares; in the second step, it will take possession of some of the shares and take possession of the controlling position; the third or second largest shareholder will become the largest shareholder; and the third step, after having mastered the controlling rights, Master sales rights, procurement rights, distribution rights and research and development rights.

Globalization of global trade makes resources shared. Similarly, competitiveness is not as good. In the pharmaceutical machinery industry, many multinational giants are eager to win a share of the Chinese pharmaceutical machinery market. Faced with such a strong competitor, domestic pharmaceutical machinery companies should withstand pressure and constantly upgrade themselves.

The pressure of competition in the international market, the property rights structure suitable for the international competition environment, and the reform of the organizational structure have created the preconditions for the transformation of the operating mechanism of the enterprise. However, the new mechanism cannot be formed naturally, and corresponding reforms and institutional innovations must be carried out to form corresponding The structure of interest.

The brilliance of the pharmaceutical machinery industry is created by virtue of its resource advantages and entrepreneurial spirit. With the increase in resource costs worldwide and the development of more sophisticated products, new market challenges and opportunities have once again been placed in front of companies.

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