Changzhou Uniform Drying Introduces Pulse Airflow Swirl Dryer

Changzhou Uniform Drying Equipment Co., Ltd. has strong technical force, modern large-scale workshops and processing equipment, constantly committed to scientific research and development of dry granulation equipment, and cooperates with related research institutes to develop new products, digests and absorbs advanced drying and granulation equipment technology at home and abroad. Accelerate innovation and continuously launch new products for energy saving and environmental protection investment in the market to meet the needs of modern enterprises for dry granulation. Recently, Changzhou's unified drying technology has improved the pulse gas flow swirl dryer, which has strengthened the drying process. It is particularly suitable for water-retaining, small-grained, and crushed and heat-sensitive materials. Scope of application: Pulse air flow spin dryer is suitable for more materials, in addition to the basic type of material mentioned, there are: hypnone, abc intermediate, abs resin, asc, white carbon black, oxalic acid catalyst, accelerator mdm, Precipitated carbon powder, titanium dioxide, activated carbon, sodium fluorosilicate, fluorspar, silica gel powder, synthetic resin, calcium phosphate, polypropylene resin, chlortetracycline, sodium metasilicate, glacial chlorate coffee slag, sodium sulfate, sulphide ore , phosphate rock, blue bb, tetracycline, iron trioxide, calcium carbonate, corn protein, iron oxide, gypsum retarder and so on. Working principle: In the swirl dryer, the air entrained material enters from the tangential direction, forming a spiral movement along the inner wall, the material is evenly distributed in the air flow and the rotation disturbance, strengthens the drying process, where the material can be dried by airflow, rotating airflow Desiccators are adaptable, especially for materials with increased water content, small particles, no fear of crushing, and heat-sensitive materials. Depending on the characteristics of the material, such as dust recovery can be pulsed bag dust or water foam dust, the recovery rate of up to 99.99%.

Electric Belt Hoist

Maximum Load: 500-5000kg

One primary use of the electric belt hoist is in applications that have special hygiene and safety requirements, such as in food industry, chemical industry, and precision machining industry, chemical industry, and precision machining industry.


High-strength hoisting belt allows easy and quick belt replacement while presenting high safety factors.

Enhanced safety features against side pulling and twisting effects during lifting movement.

Hoisting and control features complying with IEC 34.1/IEC 34.2,IP 55

Fully enclosed reduction gear delivers high precision.

Adjustable upper and lower position limit switches

Compact design takes up little space.

Truly vertical lifting motion without deviation to the side.

Electric Belt Hoist

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