China's first independently developed electric locomotive off the assembly line will ride South Africa

The electric locomotive is a dual-flow four-axis AC drive freight electric locomotive with a power of 3000 kilowatts and a top speed of 100 kilometers per hour. The control system has a low constant speed control function and can control locomotives to load and pull goods at a speed of 0.2-3 km / h. A narrow-gauge bogie with a gauge of 1065mm can be operated under both contact lines of 25kV AC / 3kV DC.

With CSR's modularization, standardization and serialized development platform of CSR, inherited the mature technology of existing high-power AC power locomotives and combined with the requirements and operating environment of South Africa's owners, the Company created a brand-new platform for the development of dual- This high-end electric locomotive can re-connect eight locomotives and can be re-connected with diesel locomotives. The whole vehicle body adopts the all-steel welded structure in which the overall bearing structure type is welded together by plate and plate press fittings.

According to CSR's technical experts, the tens of thousands of parts in the car have passed strict European standards and the built-in materials comply with the highest BS6853 environmental protection standard in the world. A red exterior, a single cab architecture, and a host of design elements on the right main console showcase South African culture.

According to the concept of "green, intelligent" development of modern rail transit, the locomotive adopts the self-developed energy consumption management system which can record the energy consumption of the locomotive in operation. The locomotive driver can improve the operation through the data obtained from the system analysis and realize Energy saving. Locomotive with low noise and common district district operation mode, easy to manual control. Axis temperature alarm device, video monitoring system, frequency conversion technology to help power devices and advanced fire alarm system to ensure the safe and reliable locomotive operation.

South Africa is the most developed railway system in Africa with more than 20,000 kilometers of railway network and more than 10,000 kilometers of electrification routes. The largest state-owned railway Transnet owns more than 2,100 electric locomotives, more than 1,400 diesel locomotives and 55% of electric locomotives The service life of more than 35 years, product replacement market demand has great potential.

The contract for the supply of electric locomotives off the assembly line was signed in October 2012 with a value of nearly 400 million U.S. dollars. It is the largest overseas order of electric locomotives for Chinese enterprises.

Zhou Qinghe, chairman and general manager of CSR CSR, said that CSRZ will take the opportunity of this electric locomotive to grab South Africa market and export the most advanced orbital electric traction technology to South Africa. At the same time, it will carry out extensive cooperation with local enterprises in the electric locomotives, EMUs and related accessories markets and will use radiation from its manufacturing base in South Africa to promote the rapid upgrading of equipment and industries in the field of rail transit equipment in local and even southern Africa.

Up to now, the rail transportation equipment products developed by CSRGC have entered more than 10 countries and regions in the Middle East, Central Asia, Southeast Asia, Europe, South Asia and Hong Kong. The accumulated total orders amount to more than 20 billion yuan and become China Enterprise "going out" model.

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