FAW Xichai "Core Service" brand building in action

First-line service team, focusing on analysis and explanation of fault cases; focusing on service technicians, focusing on strengthening the knowledge principle of electronic control systems and post-processing systems, diagnosis and elimination of faults, and use of related tools; for users, compiling Guosi and natural gas engines The diagnosis and maintenance of typical faults provide the user with technical support. Through the management methods of going out, inviting in, and grading training, we ensure that the Xichai service network will complete all training before the end of June. Not only that, but according to plan, after July, FAW Xichai will follow the sales flow of Guosi and natural gas engines. Several rounds of special training for individual regions.

In order to maximize the quality of service and implement the brand value of “ Principle Core Services ”, FAW Xichai also established a rapid response mechanism for service policies on target products, and the sales companies have combed out the main competing products to present the service policies in various sectors. Gap; The Ministry of Planning and Finance organized the relevant departments of the whole plant to sort out the current management system, find the node with a long cycle, and establish a rapid reaction mechanism for the service policy on the target products. A set of efficient benchmarking improvement mechanisms helped FAW Xichai to always stay ahead of the service level of the internal combustion engine industry.

In order to promote and solidify the “core service” brand image, FAW Xichai standardized the service team image. After the release of the “core core service” brand, FAW Xichai service personnel not only dress uniform, service language, and the reception, interpretation and diagnosis process are consistent in specifications, but also have the Xichai logo and “core core service” brand icon toolkits and material packages. Training kits and other equipment are readily available. According to reports, in order to ensure that the entire brand image project is fully implemented, FAW Xichai will irregularly supervise and inspect the service team image.

“All we have done is to let users feel the improvement of real service quality, and let them realize that 'Principal Service' is not slogan slogans. Our service level is really higher. Steps.” Li Yuxiao’s words can be said to be the best illustration of FAW Xichai’s series of hard and soft measures.

Bold Innovation Highlights Features

FAW Xichai boldly innovated in the service team management system and implemented three-tier service team management. According to the plan, in 2013, FAW Xichai will focus on cultivating and strengthening the construction of three teams, continuously improve service skills, and meet Xichai's service requirements. The first is the team of service experts. FAW Xichai will build a team of high-quality core service experts during the year. It will focus on technical support, training and education. It will collect, compile typical failure cases and establish a technical support platform through QQ Group. Telephone guidance, on-site guidance, etc., guide the handling of difficult problems, and personally lead teams and handle on-the-spot problems in the market. Followed by the service manager team, FAW Xichai will strive to build an efficient, professional, and passionate service manager team during the year. It will serve as the backbone of regional service management and leadership, and will actively promote and rely on the core service stations in the area to drive all of them. The service quality and skills of service stations have been improved. Actively organize external training and improve service skills in service networks to support and ensure the smooth development of market services. At the same time, the selection and cultivation of the backup service manager team will be accelerated and the service manager team will continue to be enriched after maturity. Finally, it is a team of service technicians, focusing on fostering service personnel, realizing regional self-diagnosis and problem solving, and creating a team of high-quality and highly-efficient service technicians to serve as the backbone of service and maintenance of the service stations and regional consultation.

FAW Xichai boldly innovated in its service methods and methods and implemented diversified special services. FAW Xichai's special service has enjoyed a long-standing reputation. Its “farmer escort” and “physical examination-type service” have been popular among users for many years. After the release of the "Core Care Service" brand, on the one hand, FAW Xichai inherited its fine traditions, solidified and innovated its distinctive services such as "farmer escort" and "physical examination service", and formulated more stringent implementation specifications and operations. Process; On the other hand, FAW Xichai continues to provide innovative and distinctive service models. In 2013, FAW Xichai will introduce special features for forklift trucks to meet the special needs of forklift users. The innovative service approach of FAW Xichai not only focuses on the current, but also focuses on the long-term, focuses on the long-term interests of customers and the sustainable development of Xichai itself. According to the plan, starting from 2013, FAW Xichai proposes a special service each year. , and curing the characteristics of the previous year's services, so that Xichai users continue to feel the care of Akasaka.

FAW Xichai boldly innovated in service technology. Through tracking and counting user maintenance time, the TDS service settlement system improved and upgraded, and the management and control of service processes were fully enhanced. FAW Xichai updates its service order information according to strict procedures. It starts from the time the user enters the station and fills in the time, diagnosis time, parts wait time, repair time, vehicle inspection time, and exit time, etc., and fills in one by one, confirms the user information in a timely manner at the later stage, and tracks User information confirms the accuracy of time information; at the same time, after the “Professional Service” brand was released, FAW Xichai made a comprehensive improvement and upgrade of its TDS service settlement system. The new upgraded TDS system has obvious advantages and can be classified. Count each user's time from station to station. According to the staff of FAW Xichai, in 2013, FAW Xichai will establish basic service data, use this data for training and management, and reduce users' time from station to station year by year, greatly improving service efficiency.

Long-term layout highlights stamina

The tree of any successful brand is a process of step by step and long-term planning. It is the result of a complete set of system engineering. The same is true of FAW Xichai's "Core Care" brand. Li Yuxiao, General Manager of FAW Xichai Sales Co., Ltd., pointed out clearly at the time of the release of the brand: “The construction of FAW Xichai's core service brand will be gradually carried out in accordance with the principle of gradual and orderly progress, with phases and sub-targets being completed.”

In the next three years of planning, the cultivation and tree-building of FAW Xichai's “core core service” brand will be divided into three phases. 2013 was the year when the “careful service” brand was born, and it was also the first stage in the planning. Li Yuxiao summed up the work of FAW Xichai at this stage: “We will formulate new service standards and implementation rules during this period of time, improve assessment quantitative indicators, lay the foundation for development, and preliminarily establish a 'core service'. Brand image, establish a preliminary understanding of the brand among users." 2014 is the second phase of the “Core Care Service” brand construction project. According to Li Yuxiao, FAW Xichai will continue to carry out the training of the National IV-natural gas engine and continue to carry out special service hardening and innovation at this stage. Set up a series of means for users to enter the station-outbound target time, continue to improve the training base construction, enhance the image of the service team, implement the three-tier service team management, and establish a unique brand awareness of the core services. In 2015, FAW Xichai's "core core service" brand was molded. At this stage, the "core core service" brand will become the leading brand in service development of the domestic internal combustion engine industry on the basis of solid work in the first two phases. Competing service brand, and become the benchmark for domestic industry services.

“FAW Xichai's “Core Service” brand creation means confidence, commitment and responsibility! After three years of joint efforts and intensive cultivation, we will be able to build a “core core service” into a service for the domestic engine industry. Brand Benchmarking.” Li Yuxiao talked about the future of the “core core service” brand.

"Three-point sales and seven-point service", FAW Xichai as the first internal combustion engine company to issue service brands, has taken the lead in the "second battlefield" after sales. The “Core Care” brand with core values ​​of exquisite, lean and sincere brand will undoubtedly be the best platform for FAW Wuchai to create reputation and show credibility, and it will also become a powerful force for differentiation of FAW Xichai in the homogenization competition. arms. In respect of improving service satisfaction and building service brands, FAW Xichai has clearly taken the lead in the domestic internal combustion engine industry.

Double stations Blister Sealing Machine

Double stations blister sealing machine applications

The pulse fever comes from the heating element of the mould/die, combines the plastic and the paper card perfectly. The heat sealed products is not only with anti-moisture and anti-dust function but also makes the products in a good-looking appearance.
Applies to plastic blister(made by PVC, PET, PETG etc) seal with paper card. It`s suitable for such as toys, stationery, foods, commodity, cosmetics, hardware, medicine, etc. Like lipstick, toothbrush, battery, surgical instruments, etc.

Double stations blister sealing machine Features

1. The machine using four guide pins to guide the pressure plate, it is more flat, the pressure is more stable, the paper card and blister         adhesive perfectly.
2. Unique pressure plate heating delay design allows the sealed products much better and more attractive.
3. The round plate (square plate) can be rotated clockwise or anticlockwise freely.
4. Fix with Φ80mm cylinder, can assure pressure, also assure stable sealing and good looking.
5. Small size machine allows to put anywhere and easy to handle and convenient to operate, also should improve the work efficiency.

Double stations blister sealing machine Parameters





Power supply

220v 50Hz



Size of the seal


Working station

2 working stations



Machine size




Double Stations Blister Sealing Machine

Double Stations Blister Sealing Machine

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