Sprinkler Price vs. Chassis Price

The vast majority of sprinkler prices are based on the prices of the chassis and the price of retrofitted sprinklers. Among them, the price of the chassis of the sprinkler has a lot to do with the horsepower of the motive, the form of the engine, and the emission standards. The water trucks produced by the company are classified into chassis brands: Dongfeng (EQIDFL), Futian (NJ), Jianghuai (HFC), Jiangling (Jx), and Yuejin (NJ) series sprinklers. Is the code for the first 2-3 digits of the chassis model)
* Sprinkler chassis price: The price of the chassis with the same coaxial distance and the same configuration of the Foton Sprinkler should be the same as the Dongfeng chassis price;
* Sprinkler conversion price: Dongfeng chassis can be said to be the most popular in the conversion industry, because it is easy to modify, so the conversion price of Dongfeng sprinklers is relatively cheaper, but the conversion rate in the ratio of the entire price of sprinklers, The ratio of chassis prices is much smaller;
* Sprinkler price and engine horsepower: The higher the horsepower, the higher the price. Of course, it depends on what brand engine it is.
* Sprinkler price and engine form: The high-pressure common rail sprinkler has the highest price, and the rest are: EGR sprinkler and single-unit sprinkler; (Users who need to pay attention must pay attention to the requirement that some areas must be high-pressure common rails. Engine can be on the house)
★ Sprinkler Price and Emission Standards: The price of the sprinkler without household ownership is the cheapest, followed by: the second National Sprinkler, or the second National Sprinkler, the National Three Sprinklers , and the National Four Sprinklers. The choices must be in accordance with the actual requirements of the sprinklers in the Uto area, otherwise the candidates will be cheaper to buy, and it will be troublesome if they cannot go back afterwards.
★ Sprinkler tanks can be divided into square tanks and elliptical tanks. The tank tonnage of the same model is naturally larger than that of the oval tank. Obviously, the 4-ton elliptic tank sprinkler configured with the chassis is, of course, 5 tons square tank sprinkler. The price of the car is slightly more expensive;
* Sprinkler Cab Category: Single row and horizontal type (commonly known as: row and a half) cab is the most common, and the special point is the double row cab's sprinkler:
* The type of sprinkler: The best-selling nature is an ordinary sanitation sprinkler , followed by a green sprinkler with a green reel, again a fire sprinkler with fire pumps, fire monitors, and the rest of the sprinklers with aerial platforms , With the truck hanging sprinkler, can be professionally designed and manufactured according to user requirements.
In addition, in addition to sprinkler options, the vehicle can also be equipped with power steering, air conditioning and other accessories, Hubei Xiagong Chusheng sprinkler manufacturers recommend: large sprinkler is best installed power steering, sanitation sprinkler is best equipped with cooling and heating Air Conditioning. Although these will increase the price of the sprinkler, after all, the convenience and comfort of the sprinkler driver is directly linked to safety.

Frame hydraulic presses are suitable for stamping, forming, shallow drawing, shaping, overmolding and trimming of metal or non-metal parts. Typical products that can be pressed include case, strap, eyeglass frame and parts, picture frame, tableware, Signs, locks, hardware parts, etc.
(1) The frame type hydraulic press adopts the integral steel plate welded frame type frame, which has good overall rigidity and high compressive strength;

(2) Pressure can be pressed to control the process requirements;

(3) After clamping, the pressure is fast, and the rated pressure is only 1 second;

(4) It is convenient to replace and clean the cylinder with the lower-mounted cylinder for the frame type hydraulic press;

(5) It has different derivative models such as lower top material, upper top material and upper and lower composite top material.

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