The relevant knowledge of temporary licenses for special vehicles

Regardless of whether the users of the sprinkler directly come to the factory to pick up the car, or if the sprinkler manufacturer delivers the new sprinkler, they need to apply for a temporary license.

The temporary license of the sprinkler truck is generally valid for 15 days. The owner can apply for a temporary license plate at the vehicle management office of the new car with the identity card, strong insurance certificate and vehicle certificate, which can usually be completed within one working day. The provisional license plate of the sprinkler shall be affixed to the lower left or right corner of the front windshield of the vehicle in accordance with the regulations without affecting the position of the driver's line of sight. For a sprinkler that does not have a temporary licence, it will be fined 200 yuan and deducted 12 points; for a sprinkler that fails to install a provisional license, a penalty of 200 deductions and 6 points will be imposed; for temporary vehicles with expired licenses, temporary detention will be faced. Vehicles, a fine of 200 yuan and a penalty of 3 points; and a minimum of 2,000 yuan for a sprinkler that uses Yangmiao's license.

Regarding the question of whether individual users can inquire about whether the provisional license can be on the expressway, Hubei Xiagon Chushui sprinkler manufacturers can clearly reply that vehicles with temporary licenses can drive on the expressway.

Provisional licenses for sprinklers can cover claims, but due to the short period of validity of the provisional licenses, XCMG Chusheng sprinklers manufacturers remind owners that they should promptly apply for household registration procedures at the sprinkler site to avoid traffic accidents after the temporary license expires. The accident was not covered by the insurance company. Because there are also provisions in the motor vehicle insurance clauses, when an insurance accident occurs in an insurance vehicle, there is no driving license or number plate issued by the traffic control department of the public security organ, or a temporary license plate or a temporary mobile license. The insurance company shall not be liable for compensation.

In the sprinkler delivery service, provisional licenses and temporary insurance are all important. Users of sprinklers should not be fortunate enough to think that they will be able to apply for a formal license soon and ignore the provisional license.

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