Maintenance Work for Infant Cars

For many people, a car is like an old friend who has been with him for many years, but also has its own peak and trough period, when they have their own toddlers to help, but also when they are strong and very solid. Now many high-altitude vehicles After the car owner bought the car, he only knew that he did not know how to maintain the car. The “infant period” of the aerial working vehicle refers to maintenance within 50,000 kilometers after the new car is purchased.

Just like parents of parents who had just started their parents, when the children just arrived, they were always overwhelmed by the overwhelming enthusiasm of their care. The high-altitude vehicle manufacturers reminded them that infancy maintenance of aerial vehicles is actually the easiest. Because this period is generally in the factory. In the package period (generally within 60,000 kilometers of 2 years), maintenance during this period is mainly based on the time and mileage specified by the manufacturer at regular and fixed intervals. The maintenance contents basically include the replacement of “three oils and one filter” (oil , engine oil grid, gas grid, air grid). As for the replacement time, mileage and project, each model manufacturers have different recommendations, consumers simply follow the instructions for use on it.

About 30,000 kilometers of aerial vehicles, to consider the replacement of spark plugs (some manufacturers shorter time requirements), the life of spark plugs are often not felt by consumers, but the spark plug as a wearing part has been much less effective than before. When the 15,000 km is recommended, the owner should clean the combustion chamber, fuel injectors, throttle, inlet, etc. to help maintain full combustion.

High-altitude truck manufacturers : It is best not to go outside the designated area of ​​the factory during the Three Guarantees period. All liquids (including engine oil, brake oil, etc.) that are replaced must use the brand specified by the manufacturer. Otherwise, the manufacturers will not be given the three-pack period. The claims service, in case of problems, is not worth the candle.

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