Dongfeng Tianjin Tow Lift Body Wrecker




Car announcement chassis model


Fuel type


Chassis based on standard

GB3847-2005, GB17691-2005 State III

Total mass



Rated contained mass


Maintenance quality


11205 , 10305

Vehicle - Long - Wide - High


8650 × 2500 × 3060




Number of axles / tires


Track (Front Wheel) / (Rear Wheel)


(front) 1880/ (rear) 1800,1860

Approach angle / departure angle



Front suspension / rear suspension



Engine manufacturers and overview

Dongfeng Cummins Engine State III belt cold booster

Engine Model: B190-33

Engine Displacement: 5900 ( ML )

Engine power: 140 ( KW )

Engine horsepower: 190 ( PS )

4 × 2 drive, the new D530 Tian Jin a row of semi-standard long flat top can turn the cab ( half-buoy cab rear suspension, the cab is hydraulic mechanical flip ) , Dongfeng 6 gear ( DF6S900 ) transmission, Φ 395mm Push-type diaphragm spring clutch, cold starter for resistance heating, brake for stopping steam, direction assist, Dongfeng classic Shuangfeiyan logo LOGO , all-steel 160L fuel tank, mechanical accelerator pedal, exhaust muffler side blowing, black Grey interior, beige fabric seat, safety belt, manual window regulator, manual door lock, thick high-strength front bumper, crystal headlight, channel instrument panel, 9.00-20 Dongfeng original nylon tire ; leaf spring The number of 7/9+6, cooling and air conditioning ;

US advanced double hinge mechanism, equipped with two 10 tons hydraulic winches, the length of steel wire rope is 30 meters, the diameter is 18mm , three supporting arms, the supporting arm can be folded when the supporting arm is heavy, the two hexagonal hanging arms, two Hydraulic legs, the maximum dragging mass of up to 16 tons, the appearance of the car kit tool door with split production, high strength and elegant appearance, there is a stainless steel locking door handle, using double linkage control system, set in the car inside the rain and security, The hydraulic system adopts German Rexroth technology's double inlet and return oil filter, trapezoidal gantry, front bumper with counterweight, long row of 24V yellow LED warning lights, alarms, and a set of stainless steel hand-washing devices, combined lighting (after lighting Spotlights, Rear Taillights, License Plate Lights, Side Mark Lights, and Spotlights), 1 U -Type Holding Bracket Device, 4 sets of Trolley, 1 Pair of Fork Seats, 2 Chain Hooks, Spare Carrier, Toolbox;

Using Dongfeng Tianjin 5600mm long wheelbase chassis, it maximized the advantages of single bridge wrecker. It is mainly used for the rescue of medium trucks and buses. Crane part: The maximum lifting mass is 12 tons, the maximum lifting height is 4.8 meters, the boom is 4.15 meters long, and the farthest lifting weight is 5.75 tons; Lifting part of the lifting mechanism: the maximum dragging mass is 16 tons, the rated maximum lifting mass is 6.05 tons, the trailing arm length is 2.42 meters, and the maximum lifting weight is 4.31 tons.

Other parts: Outrigger span: 1200mm , maximum support force: 120kn , maximum traction speed for wrecker operation: 40kg /h ;

Air Filter

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