China's Tire Industry Enters a New Era Road Air Tire Preemption Machine

In the new era of access to the tire industry in China, Airline tires are taking the lead. The wind picked up and wrinkled a pool of spring water. On October 1, 2014, China officially issued the “conditions for the entry of the tire industry”, and its technical standards are in line with international standards, causing great concern from all walks of life. Many experts and people in the industry stated that the implementation of the “Entry Conditions” will most likely trigger a reshuffle of the Chinese tire industry. Among the many domestic tire brands, the road tires under the Qingdao Sen Unicorn Tire Co., Ltd. It has long been one step ahead, and through multiple advancements overseas, product quality has reached world-class standards and it has captured the commanding heights in the future.

Technology, strength, environmental protection, road troika drove to a new era

In the newly implemented “Tire Industry Access Requirements”, China will regulate the overall production of the tire industry through specific requirements for tire product quality, tire production companies' energy and resource consumption, and water pollution and air pollution. ability. Authoritative experts said that China, as a tire manufacturing and exporting country, accounts for one-third of the world's annual output. However, many companies in China’s tire industry have long been small, with relatively backward technology and low value-added products. At the level of development, through the implementation of the “Entry Conditions,” China will, on the one hand, substantially improve the environmental performance of the tire industry, and the other party will rectify the industry, eliminate backward production capacity, and increase industry concentration to promote the long-term healthy development of the tire industry. In the “advanced new era”, only companies with high technological content, outstanding strength, and green products can usher in better development.

Qingdao Sen Unicorn Tire Co., Ltd., as a well-known tire company in China, has entered the world's top 75 tire industry for consecutive years in terms of corporate strength. It ranked the top two in terms of growth rate in 2014, and its development momentum is very good. In terms of science and technology, Sen Qilin attaches great importance to the cultivation and introduction of scientific research and technology talents. He has numerous middle and senior professional titles and professional technicians with extensive experience in technology research and development in well-known tire companies. In 2014, he became the first company in China to obtain aviation tire production license. The private enterprises, which opened the road to the “Chinese Dream” of domestic aviation tires, have extremely strong scientific and technological strength. In addition, in the aspect of green environmental protection, Sen Qilin has always insisted on high-quality high-end product lines and green environmental protection product development concepts, in particular, the Luhang brand. A variety of green products have performed extremely well in international tests. For example, most of the specifications of the LS388 pattern have a rolling resistance coefficient level and wetland grip level that meet the EU labelling regulations B/A standards. It can be said that the powerful strength of Mori Kirin Tire Co., Ltd. has laid a solid foundation for Air New Zealand tires to cope with the new era. The technologies, strength, and environmental protection of these three carriages will help Air China accelerate its progress in the “advancement era”.

The overseas "Hiccups" scored brilliantly and faced the new era.

In recent years, a major trend in China's implementation of tire industry technical standards is internationalization. As Xu Lihong, a senior engineer of the National Tire Rim Standardization Technical Committee, said in an interview, the most critical guiding ideology in the development of new tire technical standards is international Connected. Indeed, in the "Tire Industry Access Requirements" and the numerous mandatory standards that the National Radius Standards Committee has embarked on, many of the requirements are in line with international standards such as EU labelling regulations. This is exactly the way that Chinese tires have entered the international market. The trend of the times.

The European Union's labeling regulations have been implemented since November 1, 2012. The regulations stipulate that tires for passenger cars, truck tires, and buses sold in the European Union must be labeled. The tire labels indicate key parameters such as fuel efficiency level, rolling noise, and wet grip; Tires that do not meet the minimum standards must not be sold in the EU market. The EU labelling regulations place extremely high demands on the manufacturing process of tires, especially for the production of high-performance rubber. Once launched, it has caused tremendous pressure on the Chinese tire industry. There are two different views on this kind of Chinese enterprise. One thinks that this is a market barrier set by the EU and holds opposing views; the other thinks this represents the advanced trend and direction of the development of the tire industry in the world. It must be adapted as soon as possible. In line with international standards, it is the latter view held by Airline Tire. Today, the implementation of China's "conditions for the entry of tires" has undoubtedly proved the keenness and accuracy of Air China.

In recent years, Road Air tires frequently took part in many international authoritative tests. For example, in the famous Dutch RDW EU labeling test, Luhang LS588 ultra-high performance tires and some other products have wet wet resistance and wet grip levels. Achieved the highest A/A level. In the 2014TESTWORLD summer tyre independent test report of the international authoritative testing organization "TestWorld", Road Air Tire became the first Chinese tyre brand to compete with the world's top tyres. World-renowned tire brands are no exception. Through the outstanding performance of numerous authoritative tests, Luhang Tire attracted a lot of attention in the overseas market and was named a rising star in the international tire market. Therefore, after the implementation of the “tire industry access conditions”, some comments were made. The development trend of China's tire industry technical standards is in line with international standards. For road navigation companies whose overseas product quality is still first-class in the stringent testing of European Union label regulations, it is no doubt that this “new entry era” is well established. Leading a number of domestic tire companies in several positions.

With China's "tire industry access conditions" and the implementation of a number of technical standards, the Chinese tire industry will accelerate the transformation and upgrading in the coming years, eventually forming a strong core competitiveness, which is a challenge for Chinese tire companies, at the same time It is an opportunity. It is not difficult to see that through the hard work in overseas markets in recent years, Luhang Tire has already had a very big advantage in the internationalization of Chinese tire industry standards. Not only will its own development be ushered in a new peak, but it will also become a large number of domestically produced products. Tire enterprise learning model.


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