·The Ministry of Commerce: Using foreign capital to grow steadily, the pace of reform and opening up has accelerated

In 2014, under the difficulties and challenges of the international investment environment becoming fiercer and the downward pressure on the domestic economy, the overall scale of China's foreign investment absorption remained stable, and the quality of foreign capital utilization was further enhanced.
The scale of utilizing foreign capital is stable and the quality is improved. First, the scale of utilizing foreign capital is stable and progressing. In 2014, the actual use of foreign capital was US$119.56 billion, up 1.7% year-on-year; 23,778 new foreign-invested enterprises, up 4.4% year-on-year, reversing the two consecutive years of decline since 2012. Second, the investment in China in major countries/regions remained generally stable. In 2014, the top ten countries (Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, France, the Netherlands) invested a total of 112.59 billion US dollars, accounting for 94.2% of the actual use of foreign investment in the country. %, an increase of 2.7% year-on-year. Among them, South Korea and the United Kingdom invested rapidly in China, the actual investment amount was 3.97 billion US dollars and 1.35 billion US dollars, an increase of 29.8% and 28%. Third, the industry structure was further optimized, and the competitiveness of the service industry was further enhanced. In 2014, the service industry newly established 15,800 foreign-invested enterprises, and the actual use of foreign capital was US$66.23 billion, up 14.8% and 7.8% respectively year-on-year. The proportion in the national total increased further to 66.3% and 55.4%. Fourth, the actual use of foreign capital in the central region has grown rapidly. In 2014, the actual use of foreign capital in the central region was US$ 10.86 billion, a year-on-year increase of 7.5%.
Steadily promote the reform of the foreign investment management system. Promote the liberalization of service trade between Guangdong and Hong Kong and Macao. In addition to the restrictive measures involved in the agreement reservation, Hong Kong and Macao service providers invest in Guangdong Province. The contract and articles of association for the establishment and change of the company are changed to record management; the registered capital of foreign-invested enterprises is implemented. The system of payment and payment will be issued, and the “Notice on Improving the Supervision and Management of Foreign Capitals” will be issued; the examination and approval of foreign-invested incentive projects will be abolished, and the foreign-invested macro-control industry and real estate industry registration procedures will be simplified; Pilot work on foreign investment approval, shorten the time limit for examination and approval, simplify the application procedures and application documents, and significantly improve the efficiency of examination and approval; actively and steadily carry out the pilot reform of foreign investment management system in the Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone, guide the pilot area to improve the foreign investment filing work, and strengthen the matter Post-event supervision.
Further accelerate the pace of opening up to the outside world. Full implementation of the expansion and opening up of various fields, the main work carried out in 2014 has three aspects. First, in conjunction with the Development and Reform Commission to revise the "Guidance Catalogue for Foreign Investment Industries", further liberalize the restrictions on foreign-invested shares, significantly reduce restrictions and increase transparency; second, it will work with relevant departments in medical care, pension, e-commerce, education, trade logistics, etc. Field research on the expansion of open documents to effectively improve the degree of openness; Third, actively promote the opening of the service industry under the CEPA framework, and basically realize the liberalization of service trade in Hong Kong and Macao in Guangdong Province; Fourth, guide the Shanghai Free Trade Zone to further shorten foreign investment in the pilot zone. On the negative list, the special management measures for foreign investment access were reduced from 190 in the 2013 edition to 139 in the 2014 edition.
Promote the transformation, upgrading and innovation of the national economic development zone. Taking the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the national economic development zone as an opportunity, a national conference on national economic and technological development zones was held. The General Office of the State Council issued the "Several Opinions on Promoting the Transformation, Upgrading, Innovative Development of National Economic and Technological Development Zones", and clarified the development orientation, main tasks and policy measures of the national economic development zones in the new era. Vigorously promote international cooperation in energy conservation and environmental protection, and sign cooperation memorandums of understanding with France, Italy, Finland and other three countries to promote the establishment of five international cooperative ecological parks such as the Sino-French Shenyang Ecological Park; to study the index system for the construction of international cooperative ecological parks, and to develop reference guides for work. Intensify personnel training and comprehensively improve the overall quality and management level of personnel in the development zone.

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