Heavy fog continued to plague Chengdu Airport and resulted in the detention of nearly 10,000 passengers

Heavy fog continued to plague Chengdu Airport and nearly 10,000 passengers stranded diesel generators | Diesel Generator Price / 2013-01-07

Chengdu, January 7 was informed from Chengdu Shuangliu Foreign Airport that the heavy fog that occurred in the early morning on the 7th caused the closure of the Shuangliu Airport for 6 and a half hours. As of 12 o’clock, it has directly caused the delay of more than 120 flights at the Shuangliu Airport and there were 31 flights. It was forced to cancel. There were also 3 incoming flights to prepare for the drop-off of the surrounding airports. At the same time, nearly 10,000 passengers were stranded at the airport and could not fly to their destination on time.
On the same day, Chengdu Airport continued to issue large-scale flight delay warning information.
According to the meteorological department of the Civil Aviation Department, this fog occurred around 5:00 in the morning, when the visibility of the airport was far below the standards for flight departures. Due to security concerns, the airport was forced to close until 11:25 to be executed by Air China. Flight CA4289 was able to take off and fly first. At this time, the flight conditions could only meet the flight with the second type blind drop system. Other flights continued to wait for the weather to get better; at 11:52 flight HU7147 from Beijing was only available. With a safe landing, Chengdu Airport has fully resumed operation.
This heavy fog is mainly due to the high humidity on the ground and the radiation fog created by the clear sky.
It is understood that due to the timely start of the second type blind drop system at the airport, the flight of some flights entering and leaving Hong Kong was advanced at least one hour or more, which greatly reduced the losses caused by heavy fog.
Shuangliu Airport expects that today's heavy fog will cause all airport flights to and from Hong Kong to postpone more than four hours, but will not affect tomorrow's flight plan. In order to transport stranded passengers to their destinations as soon as possible, Shuangliu Airport will operate overnight and it is expected that most of the flights will return to normal around 20:00.
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