Let the bonus of the special car service land as soon as possible

Let the bonus of the special car service land as soon as possible

The special car embodies the innovation of service concept and the existence of market demand: it truly takes consumers as the center, provides consumers with personalized and diversified services, and manages and evaluates the whole process of service quality monitoring.

The domestic taxi industry is indeed more “exotic”: drivers’ “money” only goes up, consumers’ taxi fares only go up, and public finances’ “oil supplements” climb steadily. At the same time, it is difficult to get a taxi, black cars, and expensive taxis. The emergence of special car services like squid not only made consumers feel that “the taxi driver and business bus driver have two completely different faces”, but also exposed the accumulated problems and disadvantages of the taxi industry. It is perfectly reasonable for the government management departments and traditional taxi companies to be “encircled” by public opinions and public opinion.

Objectively speaking, the "stopping" of the government management department is based on law and the "protest" of the taxi driver is justified. After all, the cross-border operation of the taxi platform company is a selective evasion of existing taxi operation management regulations and a devastating impact on the existing taxi operation system. It should be noted that the operating behavior of similar software companies in foreign countries has also caused great controversy in the industry and has been caught in many lawsuits. Domestic law enforcement agencies classify service cars as “black cars”, which is a normal performance of their duties. They should not be regarded as an impediment to innovation and reform, and they should not be labeled as “protected umbrellas” of vested interests.

However, we must not underestimate or even ignore the innovation value of the taxi platform. The service car is sought after because it is not a simple management method or a change of operating methods. More importantly, it embodies the innovation of service concept and the existence of market demand: the first time it is really consumer-oriented and gives consumers Provides personalized and diversified services, and manages and evaluates the entire process of service quality monitoring. If the simple car calling software only touches the management of the traditional taxi companies, the new car platform is an overall innovation that subverts the traditional taxi business model and order and lightens the rental. The development and prospects of the car industry.

Why can't money be thundered? Why is the government determining the total number of taxis? Why ban the entry of new investors? It is time to break the traditional habit of thinking and let the “dividend” of special car service land as soon as possible in accordance with the law! Management departments should open taxi licences and strictly adhere to the conditions and standards for taxi driver access, in order to break the monopoly of specific companies, remove market barriers, and give all investors an equal opportunity to participate. At the same time, according to changes in the market supply and demand relationship to do a total control, so that all companies and employees are based on independent judgments to determine their own "advancement" and "retreat", to avoid the government by specific industries and practitioners "kidnap."

Ideas determine the way out. The current industry situation is regarded as a crisis or an opportunity; the taxi platform is regarded as a trouble maker or a constructive innovator, and rational managers should be able to make choices that conform to the laws of the market.

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