·Low-speed electric vehicles: the debate between people's livelihood and rules

Is existence reasonable or reasonable? Low-speed electric has always been a special "national situation" in the development of new energy vehicles. Around this kind of automobile products in the vast rural and urban-rural joints, the business between the government departments, experts and scholars, support and opposition is always clear. In short, the low-speed electric war has become the debate between the needs of the people's livelihood and the legal rules.
In recent years, low-speed electric power represented by Shandong and Jiangsu has quietly emerged at the junction of the third- and fourth-tier cities and urban and rural areas, and the industrial agglomeration has developed rapidly, showing a rapid development trend. The number of enterprises has exceeded 100 in size. Taking Shandong as an example, it has grown rapidly from an annual output of 16,000 vehicles in 2009 to 121,000 vehicles in 2013. From January to November 2014, the production and sales volume reached 155,000, an increase of 50.04%. At present, the annual output of the country is estimated to be about 400,000 units.
Fu Yuwu, chairman and secretary-general of the China Automotive Engineering Society, believes that the reason for the rapid development is that there is demand in the market. This is a typical market-driven industry. He said that from the perspective of people's livelihood needs and energy conservation and emission reduction, the development of low-speed electric vehicles is the only way to achieve China's 1.3 billion travel motorization, especially in small cities, especially the urban-rural integration and the vast rural areas.
He also pointed out that from the perspective of industrial promotion and development, the development of such vehicles is an important way to promote and standardize the development of new energy vehicles. China's new energy automobile industry is still in its infancy, and key components such as power batteries and drive motors are large and incomplete. The use of domestic components for electric vehicles and scientific guidance for their development can effectively promote the scale of new energy key components such as power battery drive motors in China. Advantages, cut from the low end, accumulate advantages, form a late-comer advantage, and form a scale advantage. On the other hand, the continuous growth of emerging low-speed electric vehicles has stimulated the vitality of electric vehicles and supported the development of high-end.
Yang Yusheng, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, has been a staunch supporter of low-speed electric. He believes that for the low-speed electric "have no name" embarrassing state, the most anxious should be the officials of the relevant ministries.
“Is the ministries carefully studying the electric vehicle market? Are you carefully formulating products that meet various needs? Why do foreign traffic management departments make low-speed electric vehicles on the road and China’s traffic management departments cannot?” Yang Yusheng said, the crux of the problem, It is out that the relevant ministries have not seriously implemented the previous instructions of the central leadership on the development of new energy vehicles.
As a representative of low-speed electric vehicle companies, Liu Chengqiang, president of Shandong (Shifeng) Group, believes that low-speed electric vehicles are of great significance, and it can make a comfortable dream for 1.3 billion people.
Different from the support of the industry and academic circles, Dong Yang, the vice president and secretary general of the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, still has reservations about the low-speed electric “big messenger”. In his view, low-speed electric vehicles should be an important branch of electric vehicles, but compared with the traditional automobile industry, low-speed electric vehicles are currently only upgraded versions of agricultural vehicles. The safety problems of low-speed electric vehicles, emissions problems, and battery recycling problems have not been resolved. Therefore, compared with market demand, the rule of law should be put in the first place.
"There must be Chinese characteristics, but it must not violate the laws of the industry and must not violate the laws of the world. The rule of law is the only thing that can be done in order to do it. Not only can we see GDP, but we can't do it before the decision is made." Say. In his view, low-speed electric should be gradually broken through, regional trials, summing up experience. In the end, we must make decisions after comprehensive research through multiple departments of the country.

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