Analysis and maintenance of imported compressed air thickness measurement system

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In the production of radial tires, in order to ensure the calendering quality of the wire rolling production line and reduce the waste loss, a thickness measuring device is usually added to the main machine to measure the total thickness of the upper and lower film and the cord. This paper will test the compressed air of the imported steel wire rolling line. The working principle of the thick system is analyzed and explained.

1 The role and composition of the wire calendered compressed air thickness measurement system The thickness measurement system of Rudolf Company of Italy is mainly composed of the sensor bracket electric control cabinet pneumatic sensor, etc., and each realizes its function. 1 The composition of the system is briefly given.

In the rear of the mouth frame, there is a motor for driving the frame movement, and the corresponding control measuring device is also placed on the mouth frame. The steel wire cloth passes through the center of the mouth frame, and the mouth frame must be firm and smooth to protect the inside. The equipment and these devices work in a relatively stable environment. The upper computer of the control cabinet is mainly used for parameter setting of the logic control system of the measuring device of the mouth frame, and monitors the working condition of the whole thickness measuring system. If a fault occurs, the corresponding fault information is provided to facilitate the query and processing of the fault. At the same time, the pneumatic sensor is converted into an electrical signal according to the change of the air pressure. Corresponding to the thickness of the film or the curtain, the control board advances the signal and generates an intuitive thickness curve, which is convenient for the user to understand the thickness difference of the curtain during the whole production process. And the thickness value is automatically adjusted by the comparison with the set standard value to automatically adjust the roll distance and the axis crossing of the calender roll, so that the actual production cord thickness meets the process requirements.

2 Working principle of compressed air thickness measurement system 2.1 Pneumatic sensor The pneumatic measurement method uses compressed air as the medium, and the flow or pressure of the air in the pipeline changes with the air gap between the nozzle and the workpiece to be tested. The amount of dimensional or displacement is converted into a change in flow or pressure to achieve measurement. The working principle of the reflective pneumatic sensor is 2, the pressure of the gas source after filtering and voltage regulation is the automation of the diameter, and now engaged in information project management.

The outer diameter of the annular air gap is yes. The inner diameter is, when an object in front of the sensor enters its measurement range, the pressure of the gas reflected into the measurement chamber increases as the distance between the sensor and the object decreases, and the theoretically deduced and approximated simplification can be obtained. The measurement characteristic equation of the sensor.

Its characteristic curve 3 code. =0.7; code 2 identification code 3 chemical code 4 from changing the structural parameters of the reflective pneumatic sensor, and the relationship between the output voltage 7 and the measured distance 5, 4.

Distance 571 2.2 Electrical control system and working principle According to the relationship between the output voltage of the pneumatic sensor and the measuring distance 5, when the structural parameters of the pneumatic sensor are 51 and. After the aerodynamic parameters are determined, only the magnitude of the output voltage of the pneumatic sensor needs to be obtained, and the voltage value measuring device can calculate the voltage signal collected, and then input the voltage into the thickness measurement system through the preamplifier. The signal passes through the analog input to the analog-to-digital converter for analog-to-digital conversion, and then linearized to obtain an original measured thickness. At this time, the set deviation value is taken into the calculation to obtain the true thickness value of the curtain. And transferred to the thick control system to participate in the control of the thickness of the curtain. The system not only measures the thickness of the upper and lower film of the steel cord, but also the thickness of the steel cord. According to the thickness of the steel cord and the upper and lower film, the roll distance and the axis crossing of the calender roll are adjusted, so that the thickness of the steel cord reaches the process requirement and the quality is effectively controlled.

3Compressed air thickness measurement system characteristics analysis and maintenance characteristics Traditional steel cord thickness measurement system uses laser infrared thickness measurement, etc. Due to the harsh working environment, the sensor lens is easy to dirty, resulting in inaccurate measurement, and the laser sensor does not last long, and the compression The air thickness measurement requires less environmental requirements and accurate measurement. It has been used for 4 years and is working normally.

The system has high quality requirements for compressed air and is equipped with a special filter to inspect or replace the filter every 3 weeks.

The probe has automatic protection. All probes work very close to the film side when working properly. When a certain size of air bubbles or foreign objects is encountered, the probe will immediately retract and the probe stops running. Wait for a while and then extend the probe. If the bubble or foreign matter disappears, the probe continues to run. If there are bubbles or foreign objects, the probe repeats the protection action. If the probe encounters this situation continuously, the probe will return to the hangar. And issued an alarm.

The gas cooling device is built in the sensor so that the temperature of the sensor is always lower than 4. When the running speed of the calender is greater than 5, 1, the thickness measurement system can be operated. The thickness measurement system is automatically calibrated before each operation, and each operation is about 1 Perform automatic calibration and manually calibrate when the air pressure changes or the fault measurement system is repaired.

3.3 Frequent phenomena and precautions All probes are standardized at start-up. During the operation, every step of time will automatically return to the side to do standardization. When the probe is standardized, the screen is ftSWaitingforstandardization.

Pressing the 叩58 灯 light green light does not illuminate, usually the probe has touched the limit protection switch of the rack, and the probe can be moved to the middle.

08廿Clean the filter and the control cabinet can be powered on again.

When the calender is shut down, if it needs to work near the rack, press 81叩 on the field to protect the work. Rexroth's new generation 8,5000 series is easy to realize plug and play, which is applied to the servo motor pump system of hydraulic machine. It has undergone constant updates and changes over the past few years.

At present, the servo motor pump system can realize plug-and-play, that is, the advent of the standard parts of general-purpose presses, and more and more become the common appeal of the majority of press users aiming at simplicity and high efficiency.

As the world's leading transmission and control expert and a leader in the field of presses, Bosch Rexroth has officially released the new generation of SvP 5000 series servo motor pump systems to cope with the rapid development of the press market.

The 5000 series is a plug-and-play universal press servo motor pump system. Different from the previous SvP 7000 series expert servo motor pump system with open platform to facilitate customers to achieve machine customization, SvP5000 series focuses on practical and easy to use design principles, more suitable for high-volume machine manufacturers.

Each set of servo motor pump sets of the 8,5000 series servo motor pump system has been professionally installed and tested in its entirety, and can be directly and quickly installed on the machine. Also in the drive integration of proprietary proprietary system software, automatic switching between pressure control and flow control is achieved, and after careful optimization for common press applications, it is preset to each system. With all core components integrated, the system only needs to calibrate pressure and flow personnel.

When the calender is shut down, the chain protection makes all the probes not allowed to work, showing that 3386 melon 61861.

During the automatic control process, the control status block in the main curve screen is displayed, the automatic control stops working, the control times are exceeded, and the THICKNESS and ugly switches on the calender are re-switched.

Ding Xing, Deng Shanxi, Zhao Qiancheng. Research on large-sized reflective sensors. The 1st International Conference on Mechanical Engineering. 2000.

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The command parameters can be turned on. The LCD operation panel of the drive's LCD displays all system parameter names and operating status in text, parameter setting and maintenance diagnosis becomes very convenient. The 85000 series servo motor pump system is currently the most cost-effective solution in the field of presses, aiming to help more Chinese press users achieve practical and efficient production.

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