Chengxi Guangzhou to ensure the "Iliabella" FPSO modified production

During the National Day, it was at the final sprint stage of the “Iliabella” FPSO modification project of the key project of CSC Chengxi Yuanhang Ship (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. The various departments of the company worked together to abandon the National Day holiday break time and work overtime to ensure The production tasks of the sprint phase of the project were carried out in a normal and orderly manner.
On October 1, the "Iliabella" entered the dock for repair and modification. Under the meticulous organization and reasonable planning of the workshop of the second workshop of Chengxi, Guangzhou, the diversion group and the docking group and other teams cooperated tacitly and coordinated to ensure the smooth landing of the “Iliabella”. In addition, Chengxi Guangzhou Offshore Engineering Project Team prepared the schedule and work arrangements during the National Day in advance, and arranged personnel to be on duty. During the holiday period, the project managers of the company's offshore engineering department followed the scene and actively coordinated the on-site construction operations; the technical department, the quality department, and the security department arranged personnel to do all professional work to ensure smooth production; the number of overtime work per day in the hull second workshop was about 130 people completed the multi-point mooring protection device, the installation of the container base, the installation of the lower body bracket of the crane, etc.; the workshop of the second repair shop and the southern special coating company carefully prepared and planned before the festival, and arranged the manpower and organized the sander. There are 450 painters and cleaners working for the "Iliabella" project. On October 3, Southern Special Coatings Co., Ltd. also organized a team of first-line squadrons and logistics and production support personnel to sand and clean the pipelines and supports on the main deck of the ship to ensure the success of the pipeline and support of the main deck. The last paint won valuable time for the subsequent polishing of the main deck; the electromechanical second workshop held a mobilization meeting before the festival to arrange the work of the holiday "Iliabella" project, with about 180 employees working overtime every day. In the homework, more than 95% of the personnel of the offshore project team adhered to the job, and all levels of personnel worked together to ensure the smooth progress of the project.

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