Summer hot weather regularly check sprinkler chassis battery

Summer hot weather regularly check sprinkler chassis battery

The battery is an important part of the chassis of the sprinkler. Its main function is to provide power for starting the engine and to protect the vehicle.

The battery on the chassis of the sprinkler truck is mainly an ordinary battery, and its use should be regularly checked in summer hot weather.

1 , the appearance of the battery check: Check the dust on the panel, pile head, oil, white powder, etc. can easily cause leakage dirt clean. This often scrubs the battery, and the pile head of the battery will not only produce white etched powder. Plus water and water bottles often check the electrolyte level, if necessary, add distilled water.

2. The use of the battery; Do not install heavy-duty power equipment, do not use heavy load appliances when the vehicle is parked or shut down, and turn off the appliance before turning off the engine and then idle for one minute.

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