·Shenyang Changchun Depot installs electronic tags for passenger cars

In order to further strengthen passenger car safety management methods, improve passenger car safety precautions and passenger car use efficiency, the entire station has implemented the installation of electronic tags and related construction work for passenger cars to achieve real-time tracking management of bus positions and accurate positioning of operational safety monitoring, detection information sharing and failure. Comprehensive forecast.

The electronic label is like a person's account or file, and all the information resources of each bus are all in memory. After the equipment is put into use, you want to know the information of any car in the whole road, and you will know the information on the Internet. The Changchun depot was deployed according to the requirements of the sinking station, organized four workshops to install and plan, and installed and studied. Before the end of July 2014, 1355 bus electronic label installation and programming work was completed. Currently, it is waiting to be put into use.

The Tonghua application workshop is one of the executive departments responsible for this task. The workshop develops the promotion plan according to the requirements of the superiors, and the special power of the vehicle and electricity is Cao Jiquan. The technical backbone Chen Ye consists of the programming and installation team to cooperate with the manufacturer to complete this task.

They are divided into two ways. All the way is to cooperate with the manufacturer to install the electronic label holder according to the regulations; all the way is responsible for completing the initial installation of the label system of the passenger car electronic label. The technical backbone CHAN Chen encountered the biggest difficulty in programming the input information. First, it is necessary to collect the data of each vehicle in the current car, and must provide accurate basic data. After 6 days and nights of efforts, the data collection work is completed. .

Next, start the work of programming entry. When entering information for programming, it is difficult to open the door. When booting up, the tag programmer does not connect to the Internet, displays the pre-registration status, re-enters multiple times, and displays the same. He adjusts the switch port and then enters, and the display is also pre-registered. He carefully thought about it and finally figured out a way: re-enter the original KMIS password, enter the vehicle type, model, and capacity, the display shows the pending status, and finally the approval is successful.

At the same time, he also encountered a difficult point. When entering the capacity of 100 people, inputting 3 times shows the pre-registration status. After repeated research, he found a way to solve the problem. He first uploaded the head office in PDF format, and then modified the input after approval. The input of special capacity is solved by this format.

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