Taiwan LED factory ushers in the wave of international big coffee

Following the end of June, Jingdian announced the merger of the round, CREE into the main Ronda and then cast a shock to the LED industry. Behind the Taiwan LED factory, there are big factories on the back, and the market is more expecting. Who will be the next one to be accepted by the international giants? In the case of the newly announced Cree, Ronda, it is a win-win situation for both. Ronda has Cree as a major shareholder, and the lighting outlet is more secure, which can get rid of the stagnation of the LED backlight market. For Cree, in recent years, from chip packaging to lighting brands, the added value is higher; the delivery of lower-priced mid-power products to Ronda and other foundries is equivalent to opening the global market share at a lower cost. Cree's own capacity is retained in other innovative developments such as high-power chips and smart lighting. Since the LED lighting market has been good this year, the upstream epitaxial wafer production capacity is in short supply. MOCVD machines for the production of epitaxial wafers cost about 3-50 million yuan each (NT$, the same below, RMB 0.6-10 million). With Cree's investment of 2.5 billion yuan (about RMB 500 million), only 50 units can be purchased. Additional manpower and management costs are required. When the economy is poor, these machines will become a heavy depreciation burden. Cree invested in Ronda with the same capital strategy, not only ensuring the source immediately, but also withdrawing funds after 3 years. Looking at the domestic LED factory, many of them have a huge backing. Hon Hai, a subsidiary of Hon Hai, has a Japanese shareholder as a major shareholder, and Ronda now also has a US giant. The package leader, Everlight, has a lower chance of being admitted to the company because of its own brand. Dongbei's sales ability is good. From the earliest backlights, there are Samsung's companies, Aoyuan. Nowadays, the lighting is self-driven into the US hypermarket channel, and it does not need the resources of the big factory. The most interesting thing in the market is that after the upstream epitaxial wafers of the epitaxial wafers were acquired, they have become TSMC in the LED industry. At present, Jingdian still has no single major shareholder of more than 10, and Yiguang, UMC and Guangbao have chosen to reduce their shareholdings in the past two months. Whether to prepare for the introduction of international giants, it also leaves more room for imagination.

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