CNC Machine Tool Parts Installation and Commissioning

(1) Installation and adjustment of main shaft bearings Precautions (1) Installation and adjustment of single bearings: When assembling, the eccentricity between the inner diameter of the main shaft and the main shaft and the eccentric amount of the inner ring and the raceway of the bearing should be as close as possible to the direction of the spindle. On the contrary, the amount of eccentricity after assembly can be reduced.

(2) Installation and adjustment of two bearings: When the two-support spindle bearings are installed, the eccentricity of the two front and rear support bearings should be the same, and the size of the eccentricity should be properly selected. The accuracy of the front bearing should be one grade higher than the accuracy of the rear bearing so that the eccentricity of the front-end positioning surface of the main shaft component after assembly is minimized. When repairing the machine tool to disassemble the spindle bearing, because the original manufacturer has adjusted the eccentric position of the bearing, it is necessary to mark the circumferential position before disassembling to ensure that the original relative position of the bearing and the spindle is unchanged after reassembly, and the spindle component is reduced. influences.

The assembly of the interference fit bearings must be installed by using hot or cold process methods. Do not press hard to avoid damage to the bearings during installation and affect the machine performance.

2. Precautions for installation and adjustment of ball screw nut pair Ball screw nut pair is only used to bear axial load. Radial forces and bending moments can create undesirable surface contact stress and other undesirable loads on the ball screw, which may cause permanent damage to the screw. Therefore, when installing the ball screw nut assembly into the machine, pay attention to:

(1) The ball nut should move within the effective stroke. Limits must be configured at both ends of the stroke to prevent the nut from overstepping the screw shaft and causing the ball to fall off.

(2) Because of the high transmission efficiency of the ball screw nut, it cannot be self-locked. When used for vertical transmission, if the weight of the parts is not added, the drive must be prevented from being reversed due to the dead weight of the parts after the drive is stopped or the motor is de-energized. , to prevent reverse transmission method available: worm gear drive, electric brakes and so on.

(3) The axis of the screw must be parallel to the axis of the matched guide rail. The center of the bearing housing at both ends of the machine must be in line with the center of the nut seat.

(4) Do not remove the nut from the screw shaft when mounting the ball screw nut onto the machine. If it is necessary to remove it, use an auxiliary sleeve, otherwise the ball may come off during loading and unloading.

(5) When the nut is installed in the mounting hole of the nut seat, it is necessary to avoid impact and eccentricity.

(6) In order to prevent chips from entering, wear ball screw nut pairs can be equipped with protective devices such as wrinkle protection cover, spiral steel belt protection cover, etc. to fully protect the screw shaft. In addition, dust can be added to both ends of the screw nut for a long time.

3. Precautions for installation and adjustment of linear rolling guides (1) Handle with care when installing, to avoid bumps affecting the linear accuracy of the guides.

(2) It is not allowed to remove the slider from the guide rail or push it back beyond the stroke. If it is difficult to install, remove the slider and use a guide rail.

(3) When the linear rolling guides are used in pairs, separate the main and auxiliary guide rails, first install the main guide rail pair, and set the reference side of the guide rails closely to the reference side of the mounting step, tighten the mounting bolts, and then use the main rail guide As a benchmark, correct installation of sub guides.

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