Rapid development of China's auto mold industry

Rapid development of China's auto mold industry It is reported that in recent years, in order to reduce the weight of automobiles, the use of light metals such as aluminum and magnesium in cars will increase further in China's auto industry, which puts forward higher quality requirements for die castings. There is still a certain gap between China's casting process equipment and advanced countries.

Although China is currently a big casting country, it is far from a casting powerhouse. In the past and foundry industries, there is still a big gap between China's casting process standards, casting quality, and technical and economic indicators compared with advanced countries. However, in recent years, China's die-casting industry has developed rapidly, maintaining an annual growth rate of 7% to 10%.

Due to the huge market demand, especially the rapid development of the automobile and motorcycle industries, the development of the die-casting mold industry in China has been greatly promoted. At the same time, with the continuous involvement of joint ventures and sole proprietorships, foreign advanced die casting mold equipment manufacturing technology has also entered the country continuously, prompting the gradual improvement of domestic die casting mold design and manufacturing technology levels. Some companies already have the ability to design and manufacture large precision molds. Capacity, At present, a set of 3400-ton die-casting molds designed and manufactured by FAW Manufacturing Co., Ltd., with a total weight of 33.5 tons, is the largest mold in domestic die-casting molds. China's die-casting mold industry should continue to work hard to make further progress.

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