Blue Book of Social Mentality: Beijing residents have low overall mental health

Blue Book of Social Psychology: Beijing residents' overall mental health is low Diesel generator | Diesel generator price / 2013-01-07

This morning, the Institute of Sociology of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences released the Blue Book on Social Mentality. The findings of a survey of residents aged 18 and under 72 in 16 districts and counties in Beijing found that the overall mental health of Beijing residents is low, and the impact factors are diverse. The system needs to be improved.
The analysis results of the Blue Book show that: Based on the percentile calculation, the average scores of Beijing residents' self-rated psychological health and self-rated social health final score were 80.88 and 78.87 respectively. The comparison of different residents shows that there is no significant difference in self-rated mental health among Beijing residents of different genders and ethnic groups; the self-rated mental health of 31- to 40-year-old residents and Beijing residents over 61 is low; divorce and widowhood Beijing residents’ self-rated mental health is relatively low; self-rated mental health of Beijing residents with master's degree or above and undergraduate education is significantly lower than that of residents with other qualifications; Beijing residents’ household income per capita and self-rated mental health The U-shaped relationship; Beijing residents, non-professionals, professional and technical personnel, casual workers and general public employees of enterprises and institutions have lower levels of self-rated psychological health; self-rated psychological health of Beijing urban and urban residents in other cities is lower than Beijing Agricultural Account and Resident Agricultural Resident Resident.
The Blue Book also analyzes the factors that affect the residents' mental health, including demographic variables, personality traits, environmental factors, cognitive and behavioral factors. The survey also reported on the psychological counseling needs of Beijing residents, residents’ expectations of mental health knowledge, and psychological service forms.
The Blue Book puts forward the following suggestions on improving the mental health of residents: First is to improve social public services; Second, to develop residents' mental health knowledge popularization activities; Third, to improve the work of community psychological service organizations; Fourth, to strengthen the personnel training of social psychological services; Fifth, vigorously promote the establishment of a system of psychological services. Sixth, establish a psychological assistance and crisis intervention agency for social emergency.
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