Cutting tool companies formally enter the field of automotive engine cutting tools

Cutting tool companies formally enter the field of automotive engine cutting tools The automotive industry is the industry with the most specialized tool applications, and it is a measure of the level of tool technology in a country. The engine is the heart of the car. Its special tools have high precision and are very complex. The technical level is higher than that of other parts of the car.

At present, China's auto industry is developing rapidly. The annual output of automobile engines exceeds 10 million units. The annual market size of auto engine tools reaches more than 7 billion yuan. “However, these tools rely heavily on imports, and more than 80% of their market share is occupied by foreign companies. Breaking monopolies and replacing imports have become an important deployment for China's development of the cutting tool industry.” “Diamond cutting” staff introduced.

According to the plan, the project of “Development of High-efficiency Tooling for Automotive Engines” will be completed by the end of 2014. At that time, the project will develop more than 60 series of tool products. The localization rate of tools for Chery and Shenlong two domestic automobile engine production lines will reach 90. %, product cost is reduced by 40% to 60% compared to imports.

Special Vehicle


Goodsense Special Vehicle advantages:

- Flexible hydraulic steering system

- Security to meet off-road conditions

- High ground clearance through sexual

- Off-road design: lengthened wheelbase and wider front and rear track with great stability

- Dual Air filter, conducting double filtration

- Vertical high exhaust, preventing blowing dusts everywhere

Special Vehicle

Special Vehicle

Special Vehicle

Application Area:

1.Muddy Road




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Special Vehicle

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