South China Ship Machinery was awarded the Guangxi Regional Enterprise Technology Center

According to the China Shipbuilding Group news: Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region recently issued a list of 2012 autonomous region-level enterprise technology centers, and South China Marine Machinery Co., Ltd. was listed among them. Previously, the company was also identified as the Guangxi Ship Machinery R&D Center and the Guangxi Ocean and Ship R&D Center.
It is reported that the selection of Guangxi Regional Enterprise Technology Center has strict requirements on enterprise science and technology investment, talent training and incentive mechanism, innovation team building, technical product research and development, scientific research achievements and gains. In recent years, South China Marine Machinery has made positive progress in product research and development, results management, external cooperation development and technology investment, and has created a good technological innovation atmosphere within the company. In 2012, while South China Shipbuilding continued to increase the intensity of new product development, it fully utilized the state's policy support for technological innovation, carefully organized the research project declaration work, and was recognized by the relevant higher authorities. In 2012, the company completed 13 new projects, and 12 research projects (2 projects for 2011) were approved, including 2 at the national level, 9 at the autonomous region level, and 1 at the municipal level. In the process of China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation's first participation in the National Development and Reform Commission's offshore special project declaration process, the offshore engineering crane project of South China Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. was approved. The project includes 80 tons of offshore engineering cranes and 3,000 meters deep water working vessels. Three types of offshore cranes with different types of functions: ton-folded wave-type wave-compensated crane and 400-ton wave-compensated crane. The implementation of the project will promote the application research of the active wave compensation key technology, fill the domestic gap, and promote the upgrading of the company's product grade.
At the same time as the efforts of the research projects were increased, some scientific research projects undertaken by South China Shipping Aircraft also achieved breakthroughs. Among them, the autonomous region-level scientific research project “YQHG4650-200 tons-15 meters (15 tons-60 meters) marine crane” and “20-55 large ocean telescopic crane” obtained the technical appraisal certificate, “YQHG4650-200 tons-15 The rice (15 tons - 60 meters) marine crane won the first prize of Shengzhou Science and Technology Progress.

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