Temperature and humidity recorders for the determination of temperature and room temperature humidity

The temperature and humidity in the warm greenhouse have a significant impact on crops. The monitoring of temperature, room temperature and humidity is to ensure the growth of crops, and to achieve automation and high-efficiency in production. Traditional temperature and room temperature and humidity monitoring systems mostly use wire connection. A large number of cables are required between the sensor and the signal processor. It is very difficult to wire a lot in the greenhouse. In addition, most of the monitoring uses manual management, which inevitably has the precision of measurement and control. The disadvantages of low labor intensity and poor measurement and control are prone to irreparable losses. The result will not only greatly increase costs, waste human resources, and it is difficult to achieve the desired results. The temperature and humidity recorder can effectively measure the relative temperature and humidity in the greenhouse.

All programs of temperature and humidity recorder adopt modular design, including temperature and humidity data acquisition subroutine, real-time clock of single-chip microcomputer system, data storage and serial communication subroutine, and CC1100 wireless transceiver subroutine. After power-on reset, the system enters the low-power mode of the STC89C58 microcontroller after initialization. The subroutine wakes up the microcontroller by means of an interrupted clock, collects temperature, room temperature, humidity, data, and data at regular intervals. Then it calls the CC1100 wireless subroutine to send the processed data. Using timed interruption to collect and send data can not only reduce system power consumption, but also meet the real-time nature of data collection in the greenhouse environment.

The temperature and humidity recorder system uses a temperature and humidity sensor to measure the temperature and humidity. The measurement accuracy is high and the number of peripheral circuits is small, which ensures the real-time measurement. The company's newly introduced low-cost single-chip transceiver with excellent packet processing mechanism and transmit/receive buffers is ideal for use in greenhouse monitoring systems. Experiments have shown that the temperature-based room temperature and humidity monitoring system is based on low cost, low power consumption, small size, effective acceptance distance in the greenhouse is about 50m, high sensitivity, low packet error rate, reliable transmission, fully meet the monitoring requirements of warm room temperature and humidity , has a good application prospects.

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